Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Awesome Birdwatching in Pakistan (Index)

Pakistan is nothing but a heaven on earth. From seashore of Arabian Sea in the south, one travels gradually up north through windswept deserts, fertile and green plains and then stepping into the world of mountains. From small hillocks, the landscape changes continuously, taking a tourist to some of the mightiest snow capped mountain peaks of the world, including the five Eight-Thousanders, inclusive of the K2, the second highest peak after Mt Everest. 

These diverse types of land soil attract birds from many countries who find nesting abodes in summers in the large wetlands that could be found in the foothills of its mountains in the plains. Some of the wetlands include the Uchali Lake near the town of Sargodha, the Manchar and Haleji Lakes in the province of Sind, down south. And here one finds the migratory birds from far off lands while the wooded lands around capital Islamabad and up north abound in indigenous birds and pheasants.

We have been sharing these beautiful birds and their habitat in Pakistan in our previous posts. This post will take you to all our previous posts to see and enjoy watching our beautiful birds:

And do not forget to see mighty flamingos that fly in large flocks from cold habitats to Pakistan each year, specially to Uchali Lake.

We are thankful to all those photographers, birds watchers and nature lovers who allowed us to share their photos so that world could see the treasure we have for birdwatchers from across the world.

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