Friday, December 31, 2021

Gratitude to Allah on Eve of the New Year

From few hours from hence, the clock will strike the 12'o clock bell and the we shall leave behind the year 2021 and welcome the new year 2022. Year 2021 was, like all other previous years, was an eventful year for everyone. It had its ups and downs, happiness and ailments and challenges some of which were met and some remained unfinished. 

For me it was very meaningful for two reasons: For one my both sons got married, and then I fell victim to Covid-19 and was hospitalized in a critical state. But Allah gave me  as second life as death just brushed passed me. While I was being wheeled out of the hospital, my doctor said: "Sir you are lucky to be leaving the hospital alive, for he knew how bad in shape I was when I was wheeled in.

This post is thus my gratitude to Allah for giving me a second life and having blessed me to see the sunshine in all its brightness. On this last day of the year, I am reminded of the  prayer of gratitude which Prophet Sulaiman (Solomon, peace be upon him) in which he is thanking Allah for the immense bounties and blessings that Allah had bestowed upon him:
"Smiling at the ant's utterance, Solomon burst into laughter and said: "My Lord! Hold me under (Your) control that I may render thanks for the favour which You have bestowed on me and on my parents, and that I may act righteously in a manner that would please You. Include me, out of Your Mercy, among Your righteous servants." (Surah/Chapter 27 An Naml, verse 19)

So I too bow my head in gratitude to Allah for He has blessed and showered upon me so many bounties that even if I want too, I cannot thank Him for having blessed me. And I also pray today that all those who are in distress or suffering from any ailment, may be blessed in the coming year and that all their hardships are lifted and relief from their ailments be blessed by Allah. May all those who are being suppressed may be freed like the people of Kashmir and Palestine and may the oppressors lower their arms and let the world be a better place to live. Let the world be saved from all epidemics and pandemics like Covid-19 and its variants. Ameen

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