Saturday, February 26, 2022

Today, yet another meaningless day passed away

Is our life meaningless? Well for the ordinaries, life is full of challenges and there is hardly any time to ponder over the meaning of the true life or whether it is meaningless or not. For some who are depressed for some reasons, be economic, social, spiritual or family disturbances, at some point in time their depression makes their life meaningless. Under such circumstances, negativity surrounds him and living becomes difficult.

Poets are normally people who live in utter poverty or their circumstances builds an aura of melancholy around them which results in poetic works full of sadness and expression of one's difficult times. In such distress, they do not feel like doing anything except writing some superb poetry as famous Punjabi-Urdu language poet of Pakistan Munir Niazi wrote.

Herein under is a piece of his Punjabi poetry in which he laments of a wasteful day. I have tried to translate each worse in English. Though this translation cannot match the rhythmic tone of his poetry, yet it may give an idea what he is trying to say:

Scroll down for video of this poetic work by Munir Niazi himself 

Aj da din vi aenwein langya
yet another meaningless day passed away
koi vi kam na hoya
no worthwhile work could be done

purab valon charya suraj
The sun rose from the east
pascham vang khaloya
Came to set at the west

na milya mai khalqat nu
Neither did I meet any people
na mai yaad khuda nu kita
Nor did I remember God

na mai parhi namaz
Neither did I offer my prayers
na mai jaam sharab da pita
Nor did I drink a peg of wine

khushi na gham koi kol na aya
Happiness or sadness, nothing came near me
na hasya na roya
Neither did I laugh nor did I cry

Aj da din vi aenwei langya
yet another meaningless day passed away

Now listen to Munir Niazi in his very own style reading his above shared poetry:
About the poet: Munir Ahmed Niazi, (Punjabi: منیر نیازی ) (9 April 1923– 26 December 2006) was an Urdu and Punjabi language poet from Pakistan. He also wrote for newspapers, magazines and radio. Originally of Pashtun descent, Munir Ahmed used to call himself Punjabi as Punjabi definition is cultural and geographical and most of his poetic expression was done in the Punjabi language. He was awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Star of Excellence) Award in 2005 and Pride of Performance Award in 1992 for his notable services in Urdu and Punjabi poetry.

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