Thursday, February 20, 2020

20 things about Me

Whenever you meet someone for the first time, you would certainly want to know more about him/her. Though I have been here on this platform for almost a decade, I never talked about myself. So today I thought of sharing something about me so that people around start to know me and my likes.

Here are 20 things about me:
  • I am a proud Leo and the lions always fascinate me.
  • My country Pakistan is the best country in the world and am proud of being its citizen.
  • l love nature in its every form and love to be as close to it as possible.
  • For some unknown reasons, I always wanted to see Switzerland since my childhood - and suddenly unplanned I did manage to be there and loved being there.
  • My favourite band is The Beatles - something of the past though, but since I grew up listening to them, I still enjoy listening to the old songs. But for singles, Annie's Song is my favourite.
  • I always wanted to play guitar - as was inspired by The Ventures.
  • Paul Mauriat’s Love is Blue is my favourite instrumental.
  • I am very selective in choosing friends.
  • Looking down from a high rising building is ….
  • I love everything that my wife cooks - though I like to eat every type of vending junk that is sold by the roadsides.

Continuing with the list, the remaining 10 things about me are:
  • If someone confides with me, rest assured he has confided it with the right person.
  • “How things are made” on Discovery channel is my favourite TV programme.
  • I love watching sea surfing, though tennis is my favourite sport.
  • I really cannot understand poetry, so I prefer listening to a song with good music.
  • Thorn Bird and El Chemist have been my favourite readings.
  • My favourite film? Well can’t name one, but Heaven can wait, After the promise and To kill a mocking bird are some of my favourite.
  • Photography, philately and blogging are my favourite pastimes, while playing Scrabble on line keeps me busy when am not doing anything else.
  • I had a terrible handwriting in my childhood, till grilled by my mother (may she rests in heavens – Amen) and I corrected it (people now admire it :).
  • My late father continues to be my power of strength (may he rests in peace in heavens – Amen).
  • Must have been a good feeling. You know what? I recently went all the way to Holland to meet a friend after 43 years. Boy what a great moment it was.
  • Needless to mention, I love my wife and two great sons.
The listing above would give a fare idea about who I am to my readers. Have you ever tried listing yourself ever!!

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stoned0illusion said...

Great list. A lot of it reminded me of me and in some ways boy. Stumbled upon your blog by searching up the fasting Buddha (great picture ), I had the great fortitude to visit on my last trip to my fatherland.

Peace and blessings from Vilayet.