Sunday, January 14, 2018

Beautiful Birds of Pakistan - 6

This is my sixth post on beautiful birds as seen and photographed in Pakistan. And it is really heartening to see that more and more bird watchers are now sharing their experiences and beautifully shot photos of bird in Pakistan and sharing these on various groups on bird watching in social media. 

Mohsan Raza Ali is one of such bird lovers who shares his extensive shoots wherever he happens to be while traveling Pakistan. The photos being shared are those shot in the coital city Islamabad, the Margalla Hills and the Lake View Park near Islamabad and even Kahror Pakka in the Souther Punjab province of Pakistan where Mohsan shot the Black Drongo as seen in the caption photo and the five photos below:
 Blue Throat
 Indian Robbin male
 Indian Robbin female
Plain Prinia in yellow
White throated kingfisher
Common Kingfisher - Lake View Park Islamabad 

Kingfisher is one of may favourite birds for its vivid colours and extended peak which allows it to be recognized from long distance.
 Common babbler
Western Yellow Wagtail 

Common babbler and Western Yellow Wagtail are from the central Punjab province city of Muzaffargarh.

The birds in photos below are as seen in various parts of Pakistan's capital city Islamabad:
 Cinereous tit -Islamabad
 Crimson sun bird-Islamabad
 Long tailed shrike-Lake View Park-Islamabad
 Pied bush chat-Islamabad
 Red-billed Leiothrix-Margalla Hills
 -Rufous bellied Niltalva (female)-Margalla Hills
White throat fantail -Islamabad

About the Photographer:

Mohsan Raza Ali hails from city of Multan and is now settled in Islamabad. Besides his wonderful hobby of bird watching and photography, he is computer science graduate from Islamic University, Islamabad and has been a senior Software Engineer at Bentley Systems, Development Manager at Aspose, Development Manager at Data Focal Innovations and an Application Architect at LMKR.

All photos above are the property of Mohsan Raza Ali and have been shared with his due permission. His photos can be seen on Facebook | Caption Photos: Crimson Sunbird

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