Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Beautiful Birds of Pakistan - 2

This is my second post on the beautiful birds of Pakistan. Birds, not only fill the nature and our environment with their colourful attire and sweet chirping, they are also an essential part of our ecology. It is heartening to note that more and more bird watchers are sparing their time to observe birds in their natural habitat or even in the cities and adding their birding experience on the media for the benefit of novices like I and the nature and bird lovers in general.
Today I am sharing the adventures of Mirza Naim Baig, a free lance WWF enthusiast and avid bird watchers. The birds shared here are found in the coastal part of Pakistan, Karachi and surrounding areas  in particular
Majestic Egrets
Cattle Eaglet
Asian Koel (Male above - Female below)
Though recorded with Pakistan wild life this is one of the very few pictures ever recorded. Yellow Wattled Lapwing spotted in DHA Phase 8, Karachi
Posing Robin
Male Sun Bird

Besides many species of indigenous birds, Pakistan is home to a large number of migratory birds who flock to this part of the world in March and November to avoid cold Siberian winters and to nurture their future generations - Green Bee Eater is one of the migratory birds. 
Green Bee Eater (above and below) is a migratory bird of summer for breeding
Common Bank Mynas (above) - Bee Eaters (Below)
Jungle Babbler
About the Bird Watcher and Photographer
Mirza Naim Baig is a freelancer member WWF who takes part inn the preservation of wildlife, beside being a wildlife tour operator. He is from Karachi and studied Bachelor of Arts at Edwards College, Peshawar and lives in Karachi. He is the owner of Dream Merchants.

His birding experiences and photos can be seen on FacebookAll photos above are the property of Mirza Naim Baig and have been shared here with his exclusive permission. In time more of his birding photos will be posted to share his hard work and love for these little flying birds.
Caption Photo: Pied Bushchat
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