Tuesday, October 11, 2022

A prayer for the new morning

Every new morning is a blessing from the Almighty God, After a hard day's night, we fell asleep, mostly sound sleep, and we never know what is happening outdoors or anywhere else in the world. Then the rooster's morning call and adhan from the nearby mosque wakes us up. And then we realize that we are alive for yet another day and we really thank God for this great blessing. 

Some of us open the window and feel the cool breeze that is silently hissing past carrying the unpolluted freshness that is so very refreshing and soul enchanting. Thanking God, I bow my head to my Creator and seek in my true earnest forgiveness.

Then I supplicate and silently cry out to my Lord and say with tearful eyes: 
O my Creator, the merciful and bountiful!!
Please forgive me - a forgiveness after which there are no sins
Please bless me with guidance, after which there is going astray
Please grant me such health, after which there is no illness or ailment
Please bless me with your countless blessings, after which there is no drought of your blessings for me and my family
And I wish love and peace to everyone who reads this and prays in one’s earnest for forgiveness of one’s sins and thanks the Almighty for another beautiful day to day.
Happy good morning 

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