Monday, July 8, 2019

Balochistan the Unexplored Travel Destination: Living with a Nomad Balochi Family

The onset of summers makes a large number of tourists moving from plains of Pakistan to the northern areas to escape the scorching heat. This year, there has been an unexpected  influx of tourists  not to Murree, the otherwise favoured hill station, but far up north to Gilgit and beyond, Naran and Babusar Top, and then descending to Hunza and onward to Khunjrab Pakistan-China border.

more and more tourists from abroad are touring Pakistan, taking back fond memories of love, warm hospitality and meeting with diverse people of Pakistan. I  have already shared experiences of Kimberley Clark and Drew Binsky

Now here is yet another daring lone lady venturing the unexplored travel destinations in Balochistan province of Pakistan, the barren, arid, almost vast lifeless stretches of muddy plains and muddy mountains and still enjoying her sojourn with people in their original nomad living. 
I am talking of Rosie Gabrielle, the lone motorcyclist, who dared the unexplored vastness of Balochistan and experienced staying with a Balochi family not living in some city but out in nowhere in a makeshift tent with no amenities of life whatsoever. Her travel across Pakistan is something different. Her account shows a life different in Pakistan than what media tells the world. She is simply inspired by their plain hospitality and love for others and her love for them - the ordinary people.

Despite the poverty, the family welcomed Rosie Gabrielle who stayed with them, lived the life they lived without any comforts of life. Yet the family was hospitable and staying with them was a experience of lifetime for Rosie. The woman of the house truly touched her heart, says Rosie. She ate with them, had her hair done up, dressed like them and played with their children. Recently she did a fundraiser to provide them with solar panels so they can have fans for the hot summer heat.  

Saying more would deprive you of the charm her video carries, so just watch her video as shared on YouTube and see her lifetime experience of living with a Balochi family and experience what she did not expect:
I will share her videos of travel in Pakistan, but seeing the video don't you think how safe is Pakistan where a lone female biker can roam in the wilderness all by herself and does not even feel threatened living with people she didn't know at all!!

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