Monday, May 25, 2015

Health benefits of Castor Oil

Many believe that Castor Oil is only helpful in resolving gastrointestinal problems and constipation. But there is much more to castor oil which may surprise those who feel that way.

In fact castor oil has an immense anti-inflamatory and anti-oxident properties which is usefel for a number of difficult and intricatee diseases as it strenthens the immune system.

Some of the major ailments that can helped to be cured are:

  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Hodgkin’s Disease
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Hair loss
  • Pain from Arthritis and Rheumatism
  • Hernia
  • Appendicitis
  • Gallstones
  • Hepatitis

Patients suffering from MS may be advised to take 1-2 teaspoons of castor oil daily  - this may help in dissolving and removing lesions - that damage the myelin sheath.

Patients suffering from arthritis and joint pains can make a cotton pad, soak it in castor oil, place it on the pain point, cover it with a plastic bag and put a hot water bottle or a heating pad over it and leave it for 45 minutes. The plastic bag covering is to avoid the oil greasing the bottle or pad. Read more about castor oil pads here.

Castor oil is mostly applied on the skin or taken orally - Do consult your doctor before using castor oil if taking it orally.

Read more about castor oil and its many health benefits. You will be surprised what this wonder oil can do!!

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Paris Disneyland - A tour of the Disneyland on the Railroad

Visiting the Disneyland in one day is something not possible - I did not say impossible as one can do anything if one wanted too. But doing justice to the Disneyland and its innumerous attractions, rides and places is simply not possible in just one day.

Since we had just one day, we wanted to see as much of it as possible before it got dark and everyone headed for the spectacular night show. Even much before the night show begins, enclosures start to close and everyone is escorted to the Cinderella's Palace where a spectacular sound/music and firework show is hosted.

So we decided to board the famous Railroad of the West and go through some of the important places before hitting the selected few before the nightfall. There was already a long queue of the 'would-be passengers' and we also joined them and it took quite a while to finally board the train. With the typical 'all aboard' call of the guard, the train locks were secured and the journey of the Disneyland commenced with we sitting on the wooden benches and the engine honking every now and then.

 My son above and me and my wife below

Skirting the replica of the Grand Canyon was some experience, specially for the children as they enthusiastically shouted seeing the rock walls and lakes.

We stopped every now and then to disembark some passengers and take in the new ones. Those electing to sit on like us, watched the wooden structures of old railroad stations with lanterns hanging and swaying with the cool breeze that was blowing.

Entering the tunnels was really awesome and exciting. There were replicas of animals and people that once walked around the American Wild West. I tried to take shots, but these got blurry as the tunnels weren't were wide and the objects too close to be focused.

Getting out of the railway station to commence our 'on foot' journey of the Disneyland

So that was it - the railroad seen and traveled, we disembarked at the main station and started our tour of the Disneyland on foot - there was so much to be seen before the midday star studded parade and many rides for my sons. We will continue in our next post. Don't go away!!

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Guoliang Tunnel - a marvel of a dozen determined men

Miracles happen once in a while, but sometimes a handful of determined men make miracles happen that take the onlookers with an awe. And this is exactly a dozen of Chinese villagers did to connect their lonesome village at the top of a mountain to the outside world.

The village Guoliang is situated on top of the the Taihang Mountains which are situated in Huixian, Xinxiang, Henan Province of China. Until 1972, the village had no access to the outside world or the nearest road-head and the villagers had to brave their way to and from to the nearest 'civilization' through a treacherous mountain track.

So one day, a bunch of 13 determined villagers thought of a miracle to happen. Without any help from the local government or the outside world, the viullagers sold their belongings to buy tools and equipment to undertake one of the wonders of the world. Merely with the help of hand held tools and the human endurance and determination, the began carving a road - one meter in three days. 

This looked not only gigantic task but also seemingly impossible. But after five years and with the loss of one of their comrades, the remaining tweleve men vfinally connected to the nearest roadhead. The extremely treacherous Guoliang Tunnel which is 1.2 kilometers long and four meres wide with an overhead clearance of five meters was opened on 1 May 1977 - the Labor Day for the rest of the world, but a day of reckoning and jubilation for the villagers of Guoliang.

Today, the Guoliang Tunnel is a tourist attraction and daring tourists from around the world visiting China do venture out to visit the Guoliang Tunnel and the village at the top of the Taihang Mountains to pay tribute to those dozen men for their sheer determination to provide their future generations an access to the outside world.

Watch the video below, shared at YouTube by Goomey:

I haven't been to China yet - but if I ever do, I will make an endeavour to go to Guoliang village through Guoliang Tunnel to pay tribute to the men who carved out one of the most treacherous roads of the world - with their hands.

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Paris Disneyland - Meeting Mickey Mouse

This is my third post on Paris Disneyland and is about one of the famous Walt Disney character Mickey Mouse. 

The famous animator and entertainer Walt Disney conceived Mickey Mouse in 1928 and Mickey has since then become a children's adorable cartoon character. Mickey has the honour of being voiced by Walt Disney from Walt Disney 1928–47 and then from 1955–59. Walt Disney originally called Mickey “Mortimer Mouse,” however, his wife persuaded him to change it to Mickey Mouse.

Dressed in red shorts, large yellow shoes, and white gloves, the Mickey Mouse cartoons are still loved and watched by people of all ages - including me since my childhood.

The Paris Disneyland Mickey House, called Michel Souris, was officially inaugurated in 2012 and has since then continued to attract almost everyone visiting the entertainment park and have a handshake photo session with this legendary and most sought out cartoon character.

 My sons (above and below) posing outside the Mickey Mouse House

Meeting Mickey is not that easy as a long queue of  Mickey enthusiasts and fans line to meet their hero. We too got into the line in a big hall with lot of people already waiting inside and inching forward. In order to break the boredom of waiting for almost hours, a continuous cartoon show of Mickey is screened to while away the time. 

The line moved on till we had almost reached the end to Mickey's special room where he waited.

We were heartily received by the life size Mickey Mouse and had a hurried photo session with him - with the family and alone. 

 My son posing with Mickey Mouse (Above)

He shook hand with my wife (above) for an exclusive memorable portrait and my son while I also joined in to have myself included to remember the day with Mickey ion his own house.

We were to see Mickey Mouse yet again at the midday star parade when Mickey appears at the tail of the parade amid loud applause and claps from the spectators. I will write about it when it comes to the star studded parade.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Paris Disneyland - A ride in Star Trek simulator

My family posing in front of the X-Wing fighter at the Star Tours entrance

Continuing with my previous post on our visit to Disneyland Paris, and after having a freshly prepared fish burger, we had just the right kind of energy to move on. My sons were to too quick to spot an X-Wing fighter and dashed towards it. 

 C-3PO at the entrance of the simulator

 A R5 droid 

A long queue finally took us inside where familiar Star Trek characters like C-3PO and A R5 droid  could be seen conversing in their typical voice to the amusement of the tourists.

The main feature of the Star Tours is the Star Speeder 3000 simulator which if not ridden, one would regret after learning from those what happens inside.

 The entrance and seating plan ofthe Star Speeder 3000 simulator

There were five entrances to the simulator and a limited space to sit. So you have to wait till your turn comes and enter a dimly lit with red light cabin laded with travel seats. One has to securely strap oneself with the seat belts as what follows next will take the air out of you.

 Me and my family getting readied for the ship to take off

Having ensured by the cabin crew that everyone is securely belted, the lights go off and with a heavy jerk, which no one expected to come so soon, the craft takes off. And then the simulator is not resting - jerking right and left and even going up and down. I tried to take a few photos, but the jerky motions were too strong to let me shoot what was being seen on the screen ahead.

The blurred photos (above and down) are proof of what I said about jerks and movements. So I put aside my camera and decided to enjoy the ride. By the time it ended, old people like me had all their bones displaced and it took some time for them to assume their original positions!!

 My sons coming out while my wife watches on in the background

 A friendly droid bids farewell to the simulator riders on their way out

Smilingly we were out, though from inside our hearts were still beating at a star trek speed.

This brings another adventure into the Paris Disneyland - but there is so much that is yet to be told. So keep looking for my posts on Paris Disneyland.

Continuation of my previous post: Disneyland Paris - a childhood dream comes true
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Monday, May 11, 2015

Charcoal Man of Paris

I saw this statue like figure while going to the Eiffel Tower on our second trip for an evening boat ride in the Seine River and later to witness the light show of the Eiffel Tower. Upon spotting this figure I wondered that I had not seen this statue in the morning when we passed through the same place on our way to the Eiffel Tower.

And while I was thinking - the statue moved, as can be seen in the photo above, and changed to a new a new pose - may be to ease his tiresome pose he had been posing for long. And then it dawned on me that it was a street entertainer dressed in charcoal like suit to attract visitors and tourists to pose with him and earn some money.

This was quite interesting and we, like many tourists, opted to have a few shots with him. We also appreciated his innovative style and attire that not only attracted us and many others but also provided him a source of income.

 My family (above) and I (below) posing with the charcoal man of Paris

He was not the only man dressed like this - we were to find a copper man on the streets of Pisa, Italy when we went there to visit the leaning tower of Pisa few weeks after. I will share the photos we had with the aluminium man of Pisa when I come to the second leg of our visit to Schengen countries which included Switzerland and Italy.

Stay tuned!!

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