Monday, July 18, 2016

Pakistan's leg spinner Yasir Shah ranked No. 1 after his devastating bowling spell against England at Lord's

Pakistan's thrashing of the hosts England at Lord's after 20 years has many other records in the making. While Misbah became the oldest player to score a century (at 42 years), there is someone more deadly in the Pakistan's squad - leg spinner Yasir Shah.

Yasir Shah bagged 10 wickets in the first test match against England at Lord's and moved from no.4 ranking straight to the top of the ranking chart to be first leg spinner in 11 years to reach to the top. He thus displaces England's James Anderson from the No. 1 spot in the ICC rankings for Test bowlers.

Before Yasir Shah's superb performance, it was Shane Warne who rose to the no.1 ranking slot in 2005. He is also the first Pakistani bowler since Mushtaq Ahmed who reached to this glory in 1996.

Cricinfo informs that Yasir has 86 wickets from 13 Tests - the most by any bowler after that many games - and has a chance of breaking a 120-year old record - the fastest to 100 Test wickets. George Lohmann, the England bowler, had reached the mark in 16 matches in 1896.

After Yasir's scaling the ranking list to the top, the present order of bowlers stands as under:

1 Yasir Shah, 2 R Ashwin, 3 James Anderson, 4 Stuart Broad, 5 Dale Steyn, 6 Ravindra Jadeja, 7 Trent Boult, 8 Josh Hazlewood, 9 Morne Morkel, 10 Vernon Philander

Well done Yasir Shah - we pin our hopes on you to bag more victories for Pakistan in present England tour and beyond.

Source / Photo: AFP
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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pakistan wins the Concours D’ Elegance trophy at the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) Show

It was a great day for Pakistan when its specially decorated C-130 aircraft won the Concours D’ Elegance trophy at the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) Show 2016 at Royal Air Force Base Fair Ford in the United Kingdom.

The exclusively painted or so to say 'tattooed' C-130 with the theme of Zarb-e-Azab, the on going Pakistan Army offensive against the terrorists in Pakistan drew special attention at the air show, where more than 200 aircraft from 50 countries were participating in the competition.

It may be added that The RIAT show, one of UK's premier events and one of the largest military air show, was held from July 8-10 at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire.

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Pigeons, letters and SMSs

Last night and rather late at night while returning home, I switched on to FM 94 and they were playing some very old songs - I mean songs of 50s. And suddenly the song came on the air in which the beloved was asking the pigeon to take her letter to her lover and make sure it is delivered. I hope some of my friends would recall the song: "WASTA E RAB DA TU JAEIN VE KABOOTRA by Munawar Sultana for Film Dulla Bhatti."

And listening to the song I just smiled. The song was of an era when telephones were rather non existent in our villages and even letter took days or even weeks to reach the destinations. And then time started to change - pigeons were replaced by black telephones and letters and postcards. But the the time delay still irritated the lovers as it would take time for letter to reach and book a call on an already heavily overbook exchanges.

And then the present days - the days of social media and SMS. Now one does not have to wait as the messages are delievered in real time and one can even live shat with one's lover or Dhola at any time - no matter the distance - even far across the seven seas.

This is the quantum jump we have witnessed during the last five decades. I wonder if people who left this world in the 40s and 50s are to live again, how would they react to the modern means of communications and instant messaging and live video chats!!

Happy texting.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A prayer for all times

Many of us have a belief that if we offer a prayer with true heart and conviction, it is most likely to be honoured and accepted by the Almighty God and that our wishes will come true.

But in order to pray, one must first repent one’s wrongdoings and seek forgiveness for the ill deeds one has committed in one’s earnest and then expect God to redress our grievances.

Here is one such prayer that I pray every day and I am convinced that one Day I shall be pardoned of my sins and wrong doings. Here is how it goes:
O’ my dear God and CreatorIf I have erred or have sinned, please do not punish usPlease do not burden us as were sinful people burdened before usAnd do not put that burden on us, which we do not have the strength to liftPlease forgive usPlease bless usAnd please have mercy on usFor verily we are the weak, sinful and the wrongdoers
And believe me when one approaches one's Creator in all truth and earnest, the prayers are answered. However, it may be remembered that one may not get a redress exactly the same way as prayed for. Rather it may turn up into a different form for our general good, for the God Almighty knows what is best for us, though we may not know it.

Photo Credit: Pixabay (Free Photos)
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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Interior of lone surviving German U Boat 995 Type VII of WW-II

U-Boats were hellish small submarines of the WW-II which caused panic in the Allied navies during the WW-II. We no longer use the word U-Boat for the submarines of today, but the lone surviving U-Boat of WW-II of German Navy still stands majestically on the shores of Baltic Sea on the German seaport of Laboe, near the Laboe Naval Memorial, reminding us the days of its glorious past.
In October 2014, I went to Laboe, while visiting my son studying in the nearby city of Kiel, and was awe stricken to see a vessel that was once much dreaded and feared. Although I had a chance to go around it as can be seen in the photo above/below, but could not go inside as it was already five in the evening and the boat visiting hours was closed.
Day before yesterday, my sons visited Laboe on a bright sunny day and strolled on the sands along the seashore and finally to the U-Boat. I was watching them moving to the boat, thanks to the 4G and social media networks that allow us to view each other live everyday. And I requested them to take a few snaps from the inside of the U Boat to complete my earlier post: Laboe, Germany – home to the lone surviving U-Boat 995 Type VII

Now, herein under are the exclusive photos of the inside of the U Boat. The photos show the good order in the boat is kept as if ready to sail with its deadly torpedoes. One of the most difficult thing in Germany is that there are no English translations and it is only by using the online German-English translators of one's smartphone one can understand the displayed information. I have tried to translate the display boards for my readers who do not understand German (like me).

A close up of some mechanical parts

 Machine room: The two E - engines fed by batteries with 375 hp brought the submerged boat to max 7.6 kn

The only usable toilet on board ; to use in submerged condition only up to 25 m water depth (Translation of the above notice board)
 The radio room
 A selfie with numerous gadgets of the boat in the background
 Once deadly torpedoes that scared the Allied navies now resting in eternal peace

 Front torpedo room (could not translate the rest as being blurred)
Crew living and sleeping space bow compartment, so says the board above

I tried to translate the remaining - but since I did not have the German alphabet keyboard, the translation was a bit jerky and I tried to correct it to the best of my English: "Could 27 or more men live, eat and sleep here ? Yes ! The torpedoes were withdrawn daily to be serviced. On and beneath the floor plates were six reserve torpedoes - on them survived the submariners.

A much needed rest after the visit

So this is it - my earlier post stands completed today. But hopefully once day when I visit Germany to meet my sons, I will try to go to Laboe once more and 'in time' to see the interior of this historic vessel myself. 

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Friday, April 22, 2016

World Earth Day Today

It is World Earth Day today, a day that is celebrated on 22 April every year to address issues and create awareness among people to save the earth from choking and destruction.

The world was a peaceful place till the menace of polythene bags surfaced and started chocking earth. Despite world wide efforts, nothing could be done about choking of earth and destruction of forests to make space for expanding cities and roads and highways. The vanishing forests have changed the world temperatures altogether and the weather has seen a great drift to hotter temperatures and dust filled high winds.

No one knows for sure where we are headed. Despite the awareness, the global warming due to deforestation and use of chemicals that damage the earth atmosphere and thus the Ozone layer continues. It is a pity that nations where research is being carried out to save earth are the major culprits themselves for creating chemicals and allowing uncontrollable emissions that is destroying our earth. Scientists fear that the rising world temperatures may result ion faster depletion and melting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.

The polythene bags cannot be destroyed naturally and thus are making layers over layers on the surface of earth, thus not allowing earth to breath and let it destroy in the process. We often see picnic places littered with such bags that are blown away to near water sources and pollute the water beside layering on earth.

We need to understand the menace we are freeing every day into atmosphere and on earth by littering to save earth. Countries devoid of trees and forests are at greater risk of hotter climate in days to come. Rise and join millions around the world in saving earth by participating in local save the earth programmes and impressing upon others how to save earth - it is for the future of our generations. 

Read more: Are we choking the land?
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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Talented sharp shooter blows up tip of cigarette held in mouth of friend with AK-47 without telescope in Pakistan

Recently there has been much popularity of the film American Sniper who has been taking on targets with extreme accuracy, ensuring a kill every time. He was using a state of art rifle with telescope meant for the snipers.

But this news will certainly surprise you - a raw 'sniper' or should we say a sharp shooter seems to have outnumbered an professional sniper with his AK-47 Russian built automatic and te results he produced are simply nerve breaking as his target was a cigarette held in the mouth of his friend or an apple placed on his head.

I came about this great feat of sharp shooting capability of a man in the tribal areas of Pakistan, published in the Daily Mail.

This raw sniper is seen shooting the end off his friend's cigarette using an AK-47 with jaw dropping accuracy as can be seen in the video below. Taking his position a few hundred yards away, among a mountain range in Pakistan, the shooter fires and blows off the tip of the cigarette, with his friend breaking into applause at his prowess, as can be seen in the photo above.

And as if that was not all to show his extreme firing skills. In the video, he is also seen ripping apart an apple placed on the head of his daredevil friend, who volunteered for this deadly game, just to show proof of excellent firing skills of his friend.

Now see the video below and am sure you will appreciate the volunteer more than the shooter - as his jaw or head could have been blown apart had there been any minute distraction by this raw sniper. Both have done a commendable feat of accuracy and courage:

Read full story at Daily Mail
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Monday, March 21, 2016

Luxury and Technology on the move

The other day I saw a video shared at Facebook about the luxurious airplane of American presidential candidate Mr Trump - it was a feat of technology, innovation and comfort. But that was for the filthy rich people of the world.

Today I came across an equally luxurious platform - this time a bus with all the luxuries and comforts one can ever dream of. For travelers with a heavy pocket, nothing can be a better option than this huge bus that can take you around the world as if you are in a moving home.

I could explain how this white camping bus looks like from inside, but that would spoil the suspence. Just watch the video below and see for yourself how luxury looks like:

Best camper in the world? Fermi tutti, LO VOGLIO.
Posted by on Thursday, March 17, 2016

Would you want one like this bus? Well costing far less than Mr Trump's airplane, this bus certainly provides all the luxuries Mr Trump enjoys in the air!!

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Plantar Fasciitis - My Achilles heel

We know what an Achilles heel is - a weakness in spite of overall strength, which can actually or potentially lead to downfall. But what is Plantar Fasciitis and why it has become my Achilles heel?

Well to start with, 'heel' is common in both. And perhaps it is the severe pain in the heel, that is what Plantar Fasciitis is, the Achilles heel was coined to show great weakness as a pain in the heel is really devastating and utterly agonizing. I did not know this till I got Plantar Fasciitis a month ago.

Initially I attributed the pain to my slippers which have a straight hard bed - but then by and by even driving became difficult as despite driving an automatic car, the accelerator pedal has to be pressed with my right foot and the heel pain continued to grow more painful. Moreover, the pain got worse in mornings when trying to stand on the feet while getting out of the bed.

Like all good pain bearers, I continued to endure it till it became difficult for me to walk or even to drive. I consulted many sites on the internet to find a remedy, and did try some 'unique' home remedies to cure my heel pain - but nothing happened. It is then my family forced me to visit the doctor and get a treatment for it.

The doctor knew well what my problem was and gave me two tablets: One to fight inflammation and other for muscle relaxation in addition to a few exercises that I could do at home and insertion of a heel pad in my shoe.

And the miracle happened right after the first day of medicine and exercises - the pain subsided to a great extent. And now I can walk comfortably without giving any sign of heel pain - my Achilles heel has gone and so the Plantar Fasciitis.

If you happen to have a heel pain, do not delay it and visit your doctor ASAP - lest you want to endure pain and then still visiting the doctor as the pain will never go away with proper treatment.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

The early signs of Spring

The announcement by the met department that there would be no rains in February this year in and around Islamabad, the sun has started to get warmer with daytime temperatures rising to 20 degrees celsius.
Gazania - the African Daisy blooming

This unusual and early warmth has brought good tidings to the flower lovers as the flowers have started to surface from the spring plantation undertaken in the month of November.

While walking around our spring plantations, I could see colourful pansy, gazania flowers surfacing with roses showing their spring excitement too.

While generally the beds remain without flowers, some plants are striving to feel the warmth in the sun, though it is still February cold. 
Here is a daffodills giving flowers and hopefully soon the entire bed will blossom.

I will soon write a full post on our spring plantation, hopefully in March someday, to show the entire lot of plants and seedlings blooming in their multicoloured showcase.

Photo Attribution: All photos have been taken me
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