Thursday, July 24, 2014

Best hotel supplies

Hotels are not only building – these function not by a company of waiters and cooks, nor do they attract visitors by attractive advertisements. In fact these function by the comfort the tourist and people staying in and their feedback.

When someone stays in a hotel or visits a restaurant or orders pizza, what he is looking at is the cleanliness of the rooms an d service areas and the freshness oozing out of the towels one is using. And herein lies the difference between good and bad hotels and restaurants.

And there are companies like PeachSuite Hotel Supplies which make sure that they supply the best linen and toiletries that let the tourists feel more like home.  And this is not all, there are host of other products used by the hotels like the shampoos, mouthwash accessories, conditioners, lotions and bar soaps.

The same requirements for restaurants, though with a little lesser volume, are also supplied by companies like Asian Restaurant Supply where customers want the best cutlery and dinnerware to be served with when ordering their favourite dishes. Since unlike hotels, the pressure on service is more and quick service is the best way to ensure customer satisfaction, each item has to be in adequate quantity to satisfy the customers.

Likewise, the Pizza Shop Supplies also need to be of the quality to ensure a hot and crispy pizza served to you right at the eatery or when delivered at home. The packing has to ensure that the pizza does not get cold en route and the napkins and ketchup sachets are just right and likable by the customers.

So when you are visiting an eatery, look for names like PeachSuite for quality services and serving accessories. And do send the feedback for ensuring still better services and standard of accessories to make your stay happier and food more enjoyable.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Here are photographs of fathers on father's day - and two more in the waiting!!

 Great grandson
Great-Great-Grandsons (Fathers to be - God Willing)

Happy Father's Day

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Veteran's Salute to the Martyrs

Salute to Martyrs of Pakistan [Photo]

30th April is celebrated each year to pay homage to those sons of the soil who laid down their lives for the defence and honour of the country. Today I join in as a proud veteran who served Pakistan Army – one of the finest armies of the world, for over three decades.

The feeling of being part of the Pakistan Army cannot be described in words – the emotions overcome one’s imagination and ability to write. It is only those who have marched on the tune of Allah-o-Akbar (God is great) can understand what a veteran feels when celebrating a day specially for those who laid down their lives from us and those who followed.

While nations and I must add the word great nations, all over the world value their martyrs and veterans and salute them, it is heartbreaking to find some segments casting a finger over the sacrifices made by us. Many assert that we did our duty as we were paid for it – but they never realize that it is only a chosen few who get to lay down their lives willingly for their country – away from the comforts of air conditioned homes and offices, big limousines and palace like houses of those big mouths to the desolate places where blood is spilled on every step forward one takes and see comrades being blown up into pieces and their coffins going back with just a few pieces of their who bodies.

No one – I repeat no one can fathom the miseries of a battle ground – no one can fathom the pain where smiling young lads go and perish forever. No one ever knows the pain and suffering of young wives turning widows – children being born without having seen their fathers or fathers perishing and dying while back home a son or daughter is being born to them.

Salute o you misinformed Salute!! For you never know how many smiles and big hearts have perished saving you and your families and the country.

Salute to those fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters whose sons and brothers are gone forever - salute the widow who will raise her children without their father hiding her tears.

Salute to those getting ready to fill in the void created by the martyrs willingly and with pride – with resolve to sacrifice their lives to for the love, honour, dignity and safety of their country.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ever wondered how hotels are maintained

Travelling is real fun – visiting country to country and place to place. One rally has hectic schedules when visiting a place because the time and budget are always the major constraints. And when one hits the bed in a hotel, one sleeps like a dead horse till next morning.

But only if the hotel is clean, well-stocked with necessary provisions, toiletries and bed linens. Unless a hotel room and the hotel itself is clean, the entire enjoyment goes for a big not. Although keeping hotels clean and comfortable is the sole responsibility of the hotel management, it is the hotel goods suppliers at the back of the scene that make the difference.

PeachSuite Hotel Supplies is one such company that is supplying all related material, stocks and commodities required by any hotel and earn laurels from the customers for their high quality products. These supplies are stretched from catering and janitorial supplies, restaurant equipment, bed linens and towels, toiletries and anything that may come to your mind. And not only this, even healthcare facilities are being provided.

In the business for last thirty years, PeachSuite is one name that you may come across when visiting and staying in good hotels and resorts or eating in a good restaurant. In fact the range of support provided is so large and diversified that it is difficult for a common traveler to even count what is being laid out for them from a tiny ashtray to big kitchen and dinnerware and cutlery and much beyond.

Remember the name and look for their commodities and services which make your travel comfortable and enjoying. 

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Beware of Air Travel Hazards - Fly Safe

Most of the tourist traffic around the world take place by air. Each year millions of travellers and tourists go for distant destination to enjoy their vacation and see lands and meet people they have never met before - or else meet the same people again for they leave lasting friendship tales. 

But in their pursuits they often face unwanted tragic accidents - mostly fatal as there are hardly any survivors after a deadly air crash.

So what to do? Abandon travelling? No way - most travellers would cry out. Yes one should not be afraid of travelling by air as mostly the air travel is safe. However, one should read the two diagrams below very carefully while planning a travel destination:

The above diagram shows which areas or countries are hazard prone and also lists aircraft which have met most accidents in yester years. There is also a list of 'bad months' - perhaps most important as the weather effects have a direct bearing on the safe travel up in their air.

Choosing a seat is also very important for survival in case of an air crash. See below:

The safety record of airlines from 1990-2008 shows which airlines have had accidents more than others. Try to avoid these airlines. But one can never tell as even sometimes brand new aircraft of some of the best airlines have gone down crashing for a very minor maintenance fault or a bird hit.

Do give a consideration to the factors and analysis above and fly safe.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fermented foods - cure for type 2 diabetes and more

Cheese is said to boost immunity, fight allergies and even help you lose weight
We have been depending upon normal drugs for years to cure ourselves of allergies, cough, cold or even type 2 diabetes  But we never looked towards food as a means of cure for our illness and unwellness.

Now here is a breakthrough - fermented foods - left to age for anything from a few days to weeks before they're eaten - can cure diseases much easier and quicker than ordinary drugs do.

In fact with the breakthrough, it has become fashionable in USA to ferment vegetables and drink kombucha - a fizzy, fermented tea drunk for centuries in China. 

A research at Cambridge University asserts that regular consumption of fermented low-fat dairy foods, such as yoghurt, fromage frais and cottage cheese, could reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 25 per cent over 11 years.

The study shows that When certain foods are left to ferment, they are 'pre-digested' by good bacteria and yeast found naturally on the surface of the food. These microbes eat the food before you do, breaking down the sugars and starches and making the nutrients easier for the body to absorb.

Some also release lactic acid, a natural preservative, which acidifies the environment in the gut, stimulating the growth of good bacteria. The fermented food effectively becomes a natural probiotic supplement.

Bacteria's role in health has attracted much attention in recent years and experts welcome the new interest in 'living' foods, as fermented food is also known.

It may be added that idea of eating fermented yoghurt and cheese is not new. A study by immunologists at Spain's University of Granada - published in 2006 in the Journal of Dairy Research - looked at people who ate at least five portions of yoghurt and cheese, and three other fermented foods such as cured meats and olives, each week. 

Read more about fermented foods and the wonder these can produce at Mail Online

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

World's Biggest hotel with picturseque landscape and 10,000 rooms - never received a single guest

It is world's biggest hotel - with 10,000 rooms. But the irony is that it has never received a single guest since it was built some seventy years ago during the second world war - except people from Hamburg who took refuge in one of the housing blocks during the Allied bombing campaign.

Amazed!! Well everyone would - but the fact remains that the hotel located alongside a wide, sandy beach on the German island of Rügen in the Baltic Sea has never been functional. And the amazing part is that despite all 10,000 bedrooms facing towards beautiful sea-green water, no one visits here - except tourists to see this decaying monumental structure.

Wonder why? Because this beach resort named Prora was build by the Nazis between 1936 and 1939 on Hitler’s orders. During that same period, Hitler was making preparations for war which ultimately took priority, and  onset of World War II in 1939, building on Prora stopped and the construction workers transferred to weapon factories - and the monumental hotel resort remained unfinished.

Prora lies on an extensive bay between the Sassnitz and Binz regions, known as the Prorer Wiek, on the narrow heath (the Prora) which separates the lagoon of the Kleiner Jasmunder Bodden from the Baltic Sea.

Today, the whole place is still pretty deserted, except for a small museum and disco. However, plans are afoot to turn Prora into a modern holiday resort, with four of the five blocks having been sold to private investors. The developers want to build hundreds of holiday apartments, with cafes, discos, hotels, sports halls and swimming pools in order to attract thousands of visitors.

Read more about it Here

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pakistan's Mountain Peaks Viewed from 20,000 feet by Para Gliders

Pakistan is an amazing country which abounds in natural trove to such an extent that tourists  trekkers and mountain climber cannot resist the temptation of coming to Pakistan and explore the many explored and many more virgin places and hidden peaks that are scattered all around Pakistan.

From the coast of Arabian Sea, to the desolate deserts of Sind and Southern Punjab, vast treks of uninhibited lands of Balochistan, the fertile plains of Punjab and spectacular mountains in the north - Pakistan is a place not to miss.

Talking specifically of Pakistan's north and its snow covered mountains, Pakistan takes pride for being the land blessed with five of the fourteen Eight Thousanders of the world - including the mighty K-2, the second highest peak after the Everest.

While these mighty mountains attract trekkers and mountaineers, some  who dare also opt for heli skiing to explore the unspoiled peaks of the Karakoram. I talked about it last year.
Steen shot of the para gliders hovering at 20,000 to explore the mighty mountains of Pakistan
But today, I share an amazing video about dare devils who opted to para glide at 20,000 feet and watch and film these awesome mountains peaks from the top or just skirting by these. Instead of describing in words, see the adventure of these para gliders in the video below - you will be flabbergasted by the beauty of the mountains and the adventure of these para gliders who would never forget the feeling of being 'up there' for there lives.

If you have the passion and desire to scale these mighty peaks, do come to Pakistan and watch and be at places that are not only unique in the world, but aslo leave unimagainable impressions on one's memory for the rest of your life.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tomato juice glass a day - may keep the breast cancer away

The age old saying 'An apple a day - keeps the doctor away' may now be need to be worded a little different for the benefit of women. It should now read as: A tomato juice glass a day - may keep the breast cancer away !!

A US based research has concluded that the advantages of eating plenty of tomatoes and tomato-based products, even for a short period of time, raised level of adiponectin by nine per cent - sufficient to keep the onset of breast cancer disease at bay. Adiponectin is involved in regulating fat levels and obesity is known to raise the odds of breast cancer.

However, the study also observed that Levels of the hormone rose most in thinner women. Thus the need to keep onself thin and avoid obesity.

The study adds that a glass of tomato juice a day would contain the right amount of the lycopene, the plant chemical believed to be behind the effects. Lycopene gives tomatoes their rich red colour and is already believed to help ward off prostate cancer.

However, those who don't like tomato juice could try a bowl of tomato soup, plus tomato sauce with their pasta and dollop of ketchup a day.

Read more at: Mail Online | Photo and How to make tomato juice courtesy Urban Farmer |
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Pillars of my Strength

Everyone lives on the pillars of one's strength of character, aspirations, vision, perceptions and love. Like all those, I too have a list from which I draw my strength in times of tests and challenges. These may not be different from what any of my reader may have - only the listing order my be different depending upon the priorities of one's life.

Herein under are those 25 things that best describe me and my taste, aspirations and personality for those around me:

1. There is no better religion than religion of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) was the best of the prophets God created.

2. I am proud to be a Pakistani and there is no compromise on this.

3. I am very selective in choosing friends (don’t have a long list).

4. Being a Leo, lions (especially in National Geographic or at Lal Sohanra National Park where I could have been eaten away by the hungry lions) always fascinate me.

5. I love nature in its every form (this is reflective in my photography).

6. I am a proud veteran of one of the best armies of the world - The Pakistan Army.

7. I like travelling, seeing new places (I would love to visit Switzerland someday in my life - if I got rich enough).

8. I hate sycophancy and the sycophants.

9. I always wanted to play guitar, but ended up listening to The Ventures as an alternative.

10. Till my 8th grade, I had a terrible handwriting, till grilled by my mother (may she rests in heavens – Ameen) and I corrected it (people now admire it :).

11. I abhor Urdu TV dramas (full of family intrigues hatched by women) on cable.

12. Lahore continues to be my favourite city, though I finally settled down in Islamabad - but Lahore is the reason that my heart beats with strength.

13. If someone confides with me, rest assured he has confided it with the right person.

14. I love everything that my wife cooks.

15. My family is the best thing that ever happened to me.

16. I love watching Tennis and sea surfing (though I like watching cricket and wrestling when my sons are watching).

17. I really cannot understand poetry, so I prefer listening to a song with good music.

18. I always wear matching clothes.

19. Generally people do not understand me (but those who get along ultimately regret having thought of abandoning me initially).

20. I like to eat every type of vending junk that is sold by the roadsides, specially when I visit Lahore.

21. Paul Mauriat’s Love is Blue is my favourite instrumental - while John Denver's Annie’s Song is my all time favourite songs. The Beatles continue to be my favourite band till date (since my childhood )

22. Thorn Bird and El Chemist have been my favourite readings.

23. My favourite film? Well cant name one, but Heaven can wait, After the promise and To kill a mocking bird are some of my favourite.

24. Photography, philately and blogging are my favourite pastimes, while playing Scrabble on line keeps me busy when am not doing anything else.

25. The last one – my late father continues to be my power of strength (may he rests in peace in heavens – Ameen).

11-12-13: Happy mathematical sequential date

A few days back, one of the SMSs from a storm finally made some sense. It was about mathematical facts, sequences and coincidences. I wanted to share it right away, but I waited for today when on of the facts happens: 11-12-13 (that is 11th December 2013). 

The SMS did not end here. It read: This year December has FIVE Mondays, FIVE Thursdays and FIVE Sundays. It further said this only happens every 823 years. If this is true, we are from a very lucky generation to be witnessing these interesting times.

The SMS still goes to tell us that we have been the only generation who have seen:

So let us enjoy this mathematical sequential date today for we may not live to see it again.

Have a nice 11-12-13 day!!

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Monday, December 9, 2013

A Century of Fashion in 100 Seconds [Video]

Fashion more often than not refers to the art of wearing. More than men, it remains the women's domain who cannot resist to buy bundles of dresses each season and wear these once and discard.

Scroll down for video

Paris is considered to be the seat of fashion. The first fashion designer who was not merely a dressmaker was Charles Frederick Worth (1825 - 1895). Before the former draper set up his (fashion house) in Paris, clothing design and creation was handled by largely anonymous tailors and seamstresses, and high fashion descended from styles worn at royal courts. Worth's success was such that he was able to dictate to his customers what they should wear.

How has fashion changed, let us say over a century - well it can be anyone's guess. I recently came across a video that encompasses the fashion change in the last one century in mere 100 second. This video is simply amazing and fabulous and am sharing it for my readers.

Watch the video below:

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

First-ever Pakistani students' conference in Germany

Mr. Abdul Basit, Ambassador of Pakistan to the Republic of Germany addressing the conference

A large students from Pakistan go to universities all over the world to acquire additional and advanced learning. Germany is one of the most attractive places which is selected by many students from Pakistan as their destination of advanced learning.

However, despite the presence of a sizeable Pakistan students' community in Germany, there has never been a exclusive Pakistani student conference ever held anywhere in Germany. Although, Pakistani students have been attending such conferences arranged by other countries, they always felt to have a conference arranged for them by the Pakistani embassy in Germany, so that they could too talk about Pakistan with students of other nationalities and project the good name of their country.
My son Wahaab sitting on floor second from the left - while Mr Rana Ali President PSA Kiel sits on the floor 
in the centre (wearing shalwar kameez with yellow shawl) along with rest of the members of PSA
Mr Rana Ali, President Pakistan Student Association (PSA), Kiel University, Germany has been cognizant of this void and has been very active recently in pursuing his case with the Pakistan embassy.

Participants of the Pakistani students' conference with Pakistani ambassador to Germany

And his efforts finally bore fruits and just last night, Saturday 7 December, an impressive First-ever Pakistani student conference was held in the city of Kiel at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel.

Pakistani students from all over Germany made it a point to reach the conference and some even came from as far away as Berlin, located extreme down south of Germany. 
In the cultural show German female students, clad in Pakistani dress, also joined in the dance by the Pakistani students
The overarching theme of the Conference was: “Bridging the gaps – meeting the challenges”. H.E. Mr. Abdul Basit, Ambassador of Pakistan to the Republic of Germany was the Chief Guest on this occasion. The Day long conference was followed by a Pakistan Cultural Evening whereby Instrumental music was played beside display of posters/video. At the end, Pakistani cuisines were served to all participants. 

My younger son Wahaab Jalal Bhatti who has also gone to Kiel to do his masters in IT attended the conference and was praiseworthy of the efforts of the Pakistani students community of Kiel and the Pakistani embassy in Germany for arranging such a wonderful event.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Here comes winter - and the steamy fish

If someone asks me which weather I like the most - I would not hesitate to name winters. Ask me why so - well if you really asked, let me tell you why.

Winters bring with it all types of steamy fish that one does not care much about the rest of the year. And what could be more fun in sitting out in cold night with a freshly baked fish right in front of you with its steamy aroma making the night romantic and memorable. But that is not all.

If a bonfire is nearby, sit close to it and get a warmth permeating through your body from the side of the fire - while the other side of the body is still chilly and cold. And then come the steaming halwa of carrot or dall that cements the joy of the night forever.

Photos: Jalal HB

In winters, one must keep oneself warm lest many 'traditional' winter ailments come attacking. And one of the best antidote against winters cold is eating fish - and lot of fish before the winters pass away, unfortunately these do so very quickly.

Those living in Lahore are lucky as there are lot of places in Lahore where one can buy quality fish. Sardar and Ibrahim are to names of Lahore that make best fish, served sizzling hot if you want to eat right at the shop. And sitting outside in the cold, eating steaming hot fish has no parallel. I you haven't tried this, do it this winter - it will be a lifetime memory.

Although I have varied experiences of eating fish, a night at Ramsar, Iran is unforgettable. I was attending a course in Iran in awhile ago and my neighbour who had a villa in Ramsar, invited me there. So when we had a winter break, I packed up my small Renault car with my family and went to Ramsar. Remember Ramsar? Ramsar is located right on the Caspian Sea and it was here that the first and inaugural meeting of RCD (Regional Cooperation for Development) between Pakistan, Iran and Turkey was held.

And it was here one night that my Iranian host told me that he would be serving us freshly baked Sturgeon fish, which was otherwise forbidden to be caught for it is only used for high quality caviare.  And at night right there in his drawing room on the well lit wood in the fire place, he put the skewered Sturgeon fish and served us sizzling hot. And I can only tell you that that was the best fish I had ever eaten.

Why eat fish? Well food experts and doctors say that fish is high in protein, vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids, which are found lacking in most diets, and can reduce some problems associated with PMS, memory loss, cardiovascular functions, colon cancer, and stroke. The tissues of oily fish provide fish oil which contains the omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), precursors to eicosanoids (believe me it is hard to pronounce such medical terms – so I write exactly as I found out) that reduce inflammation throughout the body and are therefore recommended by experts for a healthy diet.

Now while eating fish is beneficial for health, the kind of fish we eat at Sardars and Ibrahims or anywhere else which is heavily deep fried in vegetable oil is certainly not the kind of fish we should be eating. and I have seen people eating the deep fried fish in kilos, am not joking. These fish friendly people, specially in Lahore, sit outside in the December nights and the 'in flow' of fish continues in consignments of kilo in succession.

We need to eat fish, preferably steamed with least oil applied. While I was in Iran, my land lady would often make the steamed fish and I tell you that nothing tastes like a steamed fish. So when eating fish, try to eat steamed fish, but certainly not in kilos. However, one should eat it often 2-3 times a week in winters.

One should also be mindful of type of sea fish as some of these contain higher amounts of mercury like Tilefish, swordfish, king mackerel and shark and should not be consumed at all. However, Shrimp, salmon, pollocks, canned light tuna, shrimp and catfish contain lower levels of mercury, but should not be eaten more than 12 ounces in a week.

So lets be healthy by eating fish this winter steamed not deep fried!!

(Improvement on an earlier post 'Winter and Fish go together')

Monday, October 14, 2013

Real Estate in Calgray - the Business that Provides You Shelter

My son is presently in Germany for studies. And his major worry these days is to find a suitable apartment before his studies get under way or gain momentum. So far he has been shown many an apartment, but every time some bugs comes in - mainly due to incompetence of the real estate agents who did not do their homework well and kept the requirement of students abroad with limited budget.

The real estate business thus is a very artful, complex and dedicated business for those opting to be the real estate agents as each agent has to know exactly what their client wants, his/her limitations and above all the budget constraints. Unless these are thoroughly understood, the real estate agent can never come up to the expectation of his client and get them a mush desired shelter.

Anyone who is in real estate business or the companies engaged in the real estate business therefore must ensure a heavily bargained option for their clients in buying, selling and renting the properties.  In fact real estate business is a liaison between buyers and sellers - which means that a real estate agent has to satisfy both his clients in a way that a buyer or a would-be tenant gets the property at least affordable budget, while the seller or the landlord gets the optimum value of his property, whether selling or renting out.

Like all countries, Canada too is a county where many immigrants move in and require property either on rent or purchase. A friend of mine settled in Calgary, Alberta once confided me with similar problems when he moved in there, but met a reputed firm that not only helped him out with a shelter most suiting to his requirements but also according to his limited budget.

There are numerous Calgary Real Estate agents in Calgary, but be sure you choose a firm that is reputed, trustworthy and honest - a company that cares for you and your requirements and help you out in get the optimum return of your investment, specially when purchasing real estate or even hiring. This would save you of much hassle in times to come.

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