Friday, July 3, 2015

Are Nadal's glory days over as he exits Wimbledon 2015 race

Rafa glory days

There were times when Rafael Nadal was world number one with fourteen Grand Slam titles to his credits - and it seemed that one day he would stand tall over the rest of his contemporaries by bagging yet many more Grand Slams.

But it seems that two time Wimbledon champion's glory days are over - at least for now as he was ousted from the Wimbledon 2015 race right in the second round by a German qualifier Dustin Brown 7-5 3-6 6-4 6-4.

Presently down to number 10 in the world ranking from the top of the world just a few years back, the heavily injured Spaniard sees a bleak future for him though he vows to continue for the better days - no where in sight as of now.

He himself confesses that: "I don't know if I will be back to the level of 2008 or 2010."

With a confidence level at a much lower shade than before, many see end of Nadal's glory days. Blame his injuries which he has been suffering from for the last few years, it is sad to see a resilient and forceful player slipping and fading away much sooner than expected. 

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Wimbledon 2015 gets underway with Serena eyeing her 6th title

The third Grand Slam of the year at Wimbledon commences today with all the rocking tennis stars participating.

The players at the centre stage include world number one, top seed and defending champion Novak Djokovic, world number one and the five time champion and bidding for a calendar Grand Slam Serena Williams and 2011 winner Maria Sharapova.

Djokovic had his dreams shattered at the Roland Garros or the French Open recently when Stan Wawrinka snatched the title from him and surprised an over confident world number one. Djokovic plays his first match today at the Centre Court against Philipp Eberhard Hermann Kohlschreiber from Germany.

Serena Williams, the un challenged woman tennis star is all set to eye her sixth Wimbledon title, after bagging the Australian and French Open titles earlier this year. Serena plays her first match against Russian 116th ranked Margarita Melikovna Gasparyan today.

We will keep you updated on the important matches and set backs as the tournament progresses.

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Paris Disneyland - the Mickey Mouse featured Star Parade

I have already shared half of the Midday Star Parade of the Disneyland Paris - here is the second half that was much applauded and cheered as it featured the Disney mascot Mickey Mouse and his contemporaries like the Donald Duck, Goofy and of course Minnie Mouse, besides the float of the Lion King.

This was the portion mainly featuring the Lion King - and the last float of Mickey Mouse was just at it its heels.

The appearance of the Mickey Mouse float was rather dramatic - Mickey was shrouded in smoke and gave a very fascinating loo. The crowd including children and people of all ages cheered and clapped at the sight of their favourite Walt Disney character and mascot - the Mickey Mouse.

With the Mickey Mouse float going away, the parade came to an end - the visitors started following the floats with Mickey Mouse waving and fading.


The square next to the Cinderella's Palace is decorated with beautiful flowers - and before going away, my family took time to have a few photos with those beautiful flowers in the background.

The last glimpse of Mickey Mouse float above - but the memory of the event was preserved in the video that I made as can be seen below:

The coverage of Disneyland Paris is not over yet - there are yet two more posts I shall be writing to share photos and videos of my memorable visit to the Disneyland Paris - something never to be forgotten ever.

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Beware!! You are being watched

Beware of Spy Cameras

We often see gadgets in the spy movies, specially the James Bond's 007 - and take these as gimmicks and film-only gadgets. But in reality, those gadgets are just one of the crude forms of unaccountable such gadgets produced each year to help the agents and spies who roam freely in streets and markets around us.

Did you notice the guy wearing a golf cap the other day and you thought he looked a bit suspicious? Was he wearing a cap like this:

Beware of Spy Cameras

Now look at the cap and see he had a tiny camera hidden in his cap - you failed to observe. Well this is just one spy gadget that you came across. There are many many more being used to spy on subjects unnoticed.

Beware of Spy Cameras

And this man at the party, immaculately dressed with a smart pen in his jacket front pocket. He was taking picture and even making videos of people around him unknown to all of us. Or the gentleman you thought was a businessman from Dubai - but had a camera embeded in his necktie, taking clear pictures of everyone he conversed with.

Beware of Spy Cameras

And at the shopping center, while making your bill, the shop keeper had a clear view of you and had you well within his capture reach while adding up your merchandise.

Beware of Spy Cameras

Well this is not all - read my post at Hobby Shobbys with many more such like gadgets spies make use of while we remain oblivious of their nefarious activities.

Hobby Shobbys: Beware!! You are being watched

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Paris Disneyland - the Midday Star Parade -1

OK, continuing my tour of the Paris Disneyland, now we move forward after disemabraking from a ride on the Railroad that I covered in my last post. The time was for the midday Star Parade - a must see road show that includes all Disney characters and stories portrayed by life size characters and music.

By the time we reached the venue, the footpaths along the pavement of were already full with the early birds - but there is always some space for the back benchers and we were just lucky to position ourselves at a place from where we could watch the stars going by.

The show commenced with fairies dancing and smiling past us

It seemed as if there is going to be no ending - but one was so engrossed in watching the show that one did not cared when it would end.

The show and the march continued - those making videos may have missed a lot as watching the video later on is good for memories, but the live show has its own charm. I missed some of the show while I made video or took photos - but I was still part of the crows enjoying the parade.

Is that all? Well certainly not - as there is yet many more characters that specially amuse children are yet to follow - say like the lion king, Goofy, Donald Duck - and the star of the day and mascot of the Disneyland: Mickey Mouse.

Watch the video I have uploaded on YouTube:

I will cover the remaining photos and video in the second continuing post - stay with me!!

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Wawrinka shocks world no.1 Djokovic to win Roland Garros

Did you expect this? Well I did not - but in the heart of my heart I had a doubt that made me suspicious of Djokovic winning the Roland Garros this year.

It seemed the world no.1 was a little over confident and a bit proud for sailing smoothly to the finals - specially after beating nine time Roland Garros winner and defending champion Rafael Nadal in the fourth round. And perhaps he never thought of  a setback at the hand of world no.8 in the finals.

But he was to be surprised in the finals today when a rather docile Stanislas Wawrinka stunned and shocked world number one Novak Djokovic 4-6 6-4 6-3 6-4 to win the French Open - and his second Grand Slam title.

Wawrinka, the eight seed, was not deterred after losing the first set to Djokovic and hit back with all his might and tact to over awe the Serb and dominated him in the next three sets to win the Roland Garros men's single title for year 2015 4-6 6-4 6-3 6-4.

"I played the match of my life, it's hard to believe. Playing against Novak was one of the biggest challenges. I know how much he wanted this Roland Garros," Wawrinka said after the match.


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