Thursday, December 28, 2017

Beautiful Birds of Pakistan - 4

This is my fourth post on the beautiful birds of Pakistan which abound the wilderness, jungles, mountains, deserts, lakes and even cities of the country. Many of the birds I have so far shared are native to this part of the world or are migratory birds that come here in search of warm water lakes to spend their winters, breed their young and fly back when their native habitats become conducive for living after severe winters.

The most beautiful of the indigenous birds is the blue or Indian peafowl or the peacock , as pictured above, which is native to Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. This is no doubt a majestic bird with iridescent blue and green plumage, mostly metallic blue and green and his multicolored tail with a spectacular view, which it displays as part of a courtship ritual. Beside parts of Sind, specially Tharparkar, beautiful peafowls are found in abundance in Kallar Kahar in upper Punjab province. Besides the blue birds, one also comes across pure white leucistic Indian peacock which are a class of their own.
 Long legged Buzzard
 Intermediate (above) and Reef (below) Egrets
Egrets are herons which are pure white, buff or gray coloured found near water lakes and seashores. Egrets hunt and live in both saltwater and freshwater marshes.
Indian Pond Heron
The light brown coloured dove is found all over Pakistan. Doves and pigeons, which also abound in the country, are from the Columbine bird family. However, doves are smaller than pigeons but almost of same appearance.

The yellow footed green coloured pigeons are rather rare and are seldom spotted. Herein under is a beautiful shot of this unique bird.
White Throated Kingfisher - also called White Breasted Kingfisher. It is widely found right from Turkey east through the Indian subcontinent to the Philippines. 
The Grey francolin or Grey Partridge is found in the plains of South Asia. In Pakistan and India, these are also called Teetar - a name synonymous to their loud and repeated calls like Ka-tee-tar...tee-tar. These are normally found foraging on bare or low grass covered ground in scrubs and being weak fliers when hunters make them fly through noise and beating of the ground, they take a fast and vertical flight - often falling prey to the hunters.
The yellow-wattled lapwing is native to the Pakistan and India. It is generally found on the dry plains.
The Black Kite
The Black Kite is very common bird of prey in Pakistan and perhaps all over the world. It is known to be an opportunistic hunters and is more likely to scavenge.

About the Bird Watcher and Photographer
Mirza Naim Baig is a freelancer member WWF who takes part inn the preservation of wildlife, beside being a wildlife tour operator. He is from Karachi and studied Bachelor of Arts at Edwards College, Peshawar and lives in Karachi. He is the owner of Dream Merchants.

His birding experiences and photos can be seen on FacebookAll photos above are the property of Mirza Naim Baig and have been shared here with his exclusive permission. In time more of his birding photos will be posted to share his hard work and love for these little flying birds.

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