Friday, February 11, 2022

Always preserve your childhood

This post is specially those who have gone past their prime youth age and stepping in to the rather serious stage of their life. It is also applicable for me as I have already entered the age of  senior citizen.

When one is old, one has two choices – shroud oneself in the old age or while still behaving like an old man, doesn’t let the child inside die and keep him giggling. It is the second type of oldies who live a meaningful, vibrant and happy old age. In fact those who preserve their childhood never grow old – they are always young at heart, which keeps them healthy and happy.

In his book "I'm OK - You're OK" psychiatrist Thomas Anthony Harris presents a practical guide to transactional analysis as a method for solving problems in life. According to him, each man's life is composed of three segments: Parent, Adult and Child. And man reflects these segments of his life every now and then. And it is the last segment child that is the subject of post today. 

So be a child much too often. One may still wear a short and go out and play in the rain – one may still like to wear gaudy colour clothes one wore in the childhood and crack jokes and move about heartily. Although one should not be like a child all the time, but occasionally recalling one’s childhood has no harm. and to do that, one must never quit the family of school or college day friends for it is they who help has reminisce our childhood and recall days of our innocence or should I say golden period  of our life. A life that is long past but can be relived when with friends of our childhood. 
Zurich, Switzerland - 2014 (Photo: Jalal HB)

I saw this young couple in their 60s, wearing colourful clothes and glasses with rectangular and round frame, enjoying their childhood youth merrily. They giggled and laughed and held each other tight with a passionate kiss. I saw them enjoying while standing outside a nearby shop and took this photo. How often do we do this - perhaps very seldom.

The choice rests with us: Live a dull and boring life, mostly clinging to our reclining chair, reading newspapers full of hair raising news and then feel helpless for not having changed the world, or go out and meet friends and make our life joyous and health for hearty Laughters raise our spirits and in turn keeps us healthy.

Social media is one such forum where once can find lost friends and lost childhood happiness. I for myself was found out by a school day class fellow and then the chain was not ending as through him I found out many other class fellows I haven't met or even talked to for good about four to five decades. I  have already shared my experience of finding out lost friend in one of my earlier posts: School days friends: Lost and Found.

And these reunions even took me to Groningen, Holland to meet a friend of school days and had hearty laughs with him recalling our school days, our mischiefs - something that made our families smile too, seeing oldies laughing like kids.

Would you like to relive your childhood in your old age?
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