Friday, February 4, 2022

A hearty breakfast

The life of retirees is very busy  right from morning till bedtime. However, the life revolves around two things: newspaper and food. I too like many of my "retired colleagues" enjoy these two forms of daily rituals and really enjoy it.

So while I scan through the newspaper and read what is happening around the world, my ears are focused on the clattering of utensils from the kitchen and aroma of the things being cooked while my wife is busy in the kitchen preparing breakfast for me. Just to give her company, I often call out as to what is cooking. And she always smilingly replies, "A hearty breakfast."

And that is good enough for me as this term is coined by me and whenever I want a really good breakfast, I just requests for a hearty breakfast. Well a hearty breakfast for me means:

A glass of orange juice
Corn flakes with milk
An omelet with onions, green chilies, tomatoes and slice of cheese
Two well roasted bran bread slices
And a Cup of sizzling hot coffee

So I know for sure what I shall have soon as I can smell the aroma of omelet being cooked and soon my wife will smilingly roll out the trolley with all above beautifully placed and call me out to the TV room for my hearty breakfast. Then it will be my turn to butter the one of the toasts and serve her half of the omelet and do likewise for me. And when we both are finished with the omelet, I butter and jam the other two slices for me and her. 

And then I sit on my reclining chair and sip my coffee sip by sip. Remember coffee is not taken gulp by gulp but sip by sip. And if it is taken outside in a cold December night, the joy of drinking it multiplies. Ever tried?

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