Sunday, February 20, 2022

We and our Friends

When I was a kid, though if I am not at 66 years past, whenever any class fellow of mine came to visit me, my father would invariable ask that who had come. And I would say without any hesitation that a friend a of mine. My father would just smile and tell me that he may be your acquaintance or a mere class fellow but not a friend. And that always puzzled me for I was suer that someone who visiting me was nothing but a friend. The notion is similar as we have more than xxxx numbers of friends on Facebook and many others on various social media networks – but despite that we are all alone. I know the reason: These countless numbers are just acquaintances – not my friends, as my father told me decades ago.

I also read many posts that they were defrauded by the person called friend who left when they needed the friend the most. I also know the answer here too: They were just people piling up their list of friend by making you a friend and getting a reciprocal action.

But one comes to know who actually one’s friends are - and mind you they cannot be more than a few. Anyone who claims that he has a dozen or more friends, he is sadly mistaken While one progresses in life, your Wishlist of friends continues to scale down. The test of true friendship comes if God forbids one stumbles and is in real distress. Our hardships tell us who our friends really are – and do not be surprised to know that the number would not be more than a couple.

You may not agree with me – but I have learnt this the hard way. Don’t make a mistake identifying your friends lest you are disappointed and get heart broken.

You may listen to a beautiful song "You've got a friend" by James Taylor that beautifully describes friendship - my favourite since my teen age:
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