Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Pakistan: Your Travel Destination in 2019 - Forbes Tells

Pakistan offers startlingly striking scenery. Add to this the warm welcome of the people, the glacial blue of Atta-abad lake, the centuries of history, the juxtaposition of granite to greenery, the chance to walk through an age old-apricot orchard along water channels cut by hand, and the blazing snow-covered glory of Rakaposhi, and you must acknowledge there is a grand adventure to be had. - Forbes

And the claim is nothing but fully justified. Those who haven't seen Pakistan or staying away from it just because of some negative propaganda, mist listen to those who come here and do not want to go back - and even they go back, they come back again fro there is so much to bee seen of the untapped beauty that resides in the valleys guarded by towering snow capped mountains and welcomed by warm hospitable people.

Come visit the land of five of the Eight Thousanders,, the K2 (second highest peak after Mt Everest), Hunza, the beautiful place where people do not age, the mountain ranges of the Karakoram, the Himalaya and the Hindukush - all await you this year and tears after.

Watch the spectacular video about Pakistan's loveliest travel destinations:
Have you packed up your luggage to visit Pakistan already?

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