Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Pakistan: Your Travel destination in 2019 - Part XI: Borith Lake and Ghulkin Glacier (Gilgit Baltistan)

Many years ago I watched the film Beyond the Last Mountain for the mere name fascinated me. But those who dare and go on adventure tour to the northern areas of Pakistan and wander between the mountains valleys, they often find a fascinating world hidden beyond these mountains. And the the mountains are never ending, for when one thinks that this is the last mountain, there is yet another mountain behind ever mountain and yet another wonderland awaiting to be explored and loved forever.

However, the journey in quest to see what lies beyond the last mountain is not easy.  The moment one leaves the spectacular Karakoram Highway, there commences a nerve breaking endless journey on narrow mountains tracks studded with rocky stones, the shock of which can be felt no matter which vehicle you are sitting in. And that is where sturdy 4x4 age tested Jeeps come handy. In fact tourists, trekkers and adventurists hire these Jeeps right at the Road Head from where the mountain tracks branch off from the last metaled road. The drivers of these Jeeps are locals who can handle the toughness of the stony tracks and negotiate hair raising turns and bends.

I am always for look out for place unheard so that my readers get to see these beautiful otherwise hidden places to show to the world the beauty that awaits them to explore. And the video that I have shared below is one such effort to show to my readers the less heard Borith Lake and Passu Glacier.

Borith Lake, located approximately 2,600 metres (8,500 ft) above sea level,  is a lake in Gulmit, Hunza Valley in Gilgit–Baltistan, northwest of Husseini, a village near Gulmit, Gojal, in the upper Hunza. The crystal clear water of the lake is so far unpolluted and clean as it is watched by its snow covered protectors from behind the rocky ridges.
In order to reach the lake, one has to leave the Karakoram Highway at village Husseini and then has to travel on an unpaved jeep track for about 2 kilometers over watched by rugged stony mountains. The Lake is a sanctuary for migrating birds and is often visited by bird-watchers and nature lovers. From March to June, the lake is home to ducks of many species who rest here on their way northwards to the cooler waters of central Asia. The birds revisit from September–November with the onset of winter towards the north.
Before reaching the Borith Lake, one skirts the Ghulkin Glacier which feeds the Borith Lake. A longer walk to Passu Gar Glacier is another attraction, crossing both Ghulkin Glacier and Borith Lake. Having crossed Ghulkin Glacier by the same route, hikers can continue on the southern side of Borith Lake past the settlement of Borith Bala and the now deserted settlement of Shahabad. 

Passu Glacier as seen from KKH [Photo: Waqas Salim Jami/Facebook]

Watch the video below by a group of adventures who dared to tap the unbeaten tracks and reach beyond the mountains:
After watching the video, you too would realize that Pakistan is a sure destination to visit to cherish its memories forever !!
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