Sunday, January 6, 2019

Pakistan: Your Travel Destination in 2019 - Part II (The Heaven on Earth)

Tourists abound Switzerland each year to be closer to Nature in its purest form. But those who dare and venture into the scenic Northern Areas of Pakistan are spellbound to see another Heaven of Earth. While most of Pakistan's Northern Areas remain virgin, the much visited places leave the tourists spellbound for they may have never expected such natural beauty to have been there in Pakistan.

Pakistan is among those fortunate countries who have five peaks towering more than 8,000 metres, called the Eight Thousanders, including the mighty K-2, the second highest mountain of the world after the Mount Everest. But it is the most deadliest for the climbers as it is said that out of four climbers, one never returns. Scary, well yes, but the mountaineers from around the world still dare and come every year to scale this huge pyramid shaped mountain peak. Even K-2's famous base camp Concordia is a haven for the trekkers, though an adventure in itself.

We have lot to share as far northern areas of Pakistan. Some we have already shared and more leaves to be shared. There are places that takes days to reach on foot, but once there, one forgets about the hardships one has faced reaching there. Recently, there is a hike in youth of Pakistan venturing into the desolate mountains, crossing roaring rivers and walking on hair-raising mountain tracks where even a slip can cost one's life. But this does not deter the adventurers and each day a new area is explored, an unbeaten track walked on and rising and setting of sun watched in awesome lonesome landscape amid whistling sound of the winds, that sometime even rip through one's body leaving one chilled and numb.

The social media is abound in videos by tourists and foreigners coming to Pakistan and admiring the natural beauty of every part of the country, specially the northern areas of Pakistan. The rugged mountain tracks and inviting mountain peaks are a haven for trekkers and mountaineers.

This also reminds me of a series of posts I shared of Mary Loosemore, who along with a group of adventurers came to Pakistan some years ago and explored the Hindu Kush mountain range of Pakistan. Do read my blog by searching posts related to her adventure stories. Herein under is just one such video which leaves tourists spellbound of the awe inspiring landscapes, the very indigenous people and their warm hospitality.
This is just the second post of the series and we will add many more ind days to come to introduce to you the realities that are hidden from the outer world. Do give us your feedback if you have been to Pakistan or intend doing so in days to come.

Photo: Shangrila - Skardu, Pakistan | References: | Eight Thousanders of Pakistan  | 1 | 2 |
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