Friday, June 10, 2022

Roses in my life

Roses are probably the most liked flowers around the world for their exotic colours, scented aromatic smell and beautiful shapes. Although roses come in many colours, but red roses stand out from the rest for their majestic shape, beauty and fragrance. While roses are synonymous with love and happiness, these also come with thorns of pains:
If you enjoy the fragrance of a rose, you must accept the thorns which it bears.” – Isaac Hayes
That is rose brings love but also bears thrones that brig sadness and harsh realities of life. And I am going to talk of both love and happiness, and sadness and pain when talking of red roses. Roses remind me of two special events of my life that both happened on 10th of June, though years apart.

It is the day when I got engaged for life with my wife almost four decades ago and a garland made of fresh roses was hung around my neck when I reached the house of my spouse. That was the first of roses and it was a day of celebrations and joy for our two families.  That was my first encounter with red roses that infused lifetime happiness and love in my life..

And then came another 10th of June many years later – a sad day for me as I bade farewell to my father who boarded his heavenly flight and left me forever. And when he had been buried, I showered rose petals on this grave to bid him farewell amid the scent of fresh roses. That was though a day of roses for me, it was utterly sad and lamenting as I had lost not only my father, but a friend, a mentor, a teacher and someone who shaped me to live a life of integrity and honesty as he had lived all along his life.

So I celebrate the day with a tinge of joy and sadness as roses remind me of my engagement – which started my married life, and roses again that were scattered on the grave of my father. How could I forget roses and 10th of June ever in my life!!
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