Sunday, December 11, 2022

Morocco in FIFA world Cup Semis - History in the making

Ever felt privileged to be part of history in the making? Yesterday I felt being that privileged one "watching" history in the making. The quarter final match between Portugal and Morocco was the venue of this historical event being penned down in the history. 

Noone could image that an African country, and a Muslim country, ever to make it to the semis of the FIFA World Cup Soccer? Well, it was yesterday that all myths were broken. The 1:0 win be favorites Portugal in the quarters led them to the semis - a great feat for the Moroccans and the Africans.

Ass per FIFA, "What a journey it has been. Group F had been widely viewed as Qatar 2022's toughest, containing as it did the teams that finished second and third at the last FIFA World Cup."  The lone goal in the later part of the first half was a maestro. And thereafter even calling ‏Cristiano Ronaldo in the early second half could not turn the sides and Morocons finished semifinalists. Wow

Watch the highlights of this memorable historic FIFA match ever:
Let us now wait and see whether the resilient Moroccans continue to make history till the final of the FIFA World Cup soccer at Qatar 2022. 
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