Friday, March 11, 2022

Pakistan officially inducts J10C 4.5+ Generation fighter aircraft in its air force

11th March 2022 is a landmark day in the history of Pakistan as it officially inducted multi-role J10C 4.5+ generation Chinese combat aircraft into its air force today in a special ceremony held at PAF Base Kamra. The prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan was the chief guest. The induction of J10 aircraft is seen as a counter balance to the recently inducted Rafale aircraft in the Indian air force. The J-10C will significantly enhance the combat capabilities of the Pakistan Air Force.

China, a long tested ally of Pakistan, has been consistently providing cutting-edge military equipment to its closest ally and iron brother, Pakistan. This military cooperation is seen by many as a Chinese ploy aimed at counterbalancing India’s military power in the region.  the J-10C also took part in the Pakistan-China joint exercise Shaheen, during which it successfully hit all targets. Due to their close military ties, Pakistan and China hold Joint Air Exercises every year. Pakistan hosted the first such drill in March 2011.

Already both China and Pakistan have jointly produced JF-17 Thunder combat aircraft, of which three variants have already been inducted into its air force. Not only this, Pakistan has also exported JF-17 Thunder aircraft to Myanmar and Nigeria and many countries have showed their interest in low cost high performance aircraft.

The Chengdu J-10 (simplified Chinese: 歼-10; traditional Chinese: 殲-10; NATO reporting name: Firebird) also known as Vigorous Dragon (Chinese: 猛龙; pinyin: Měnglóng), is a medium-weight, single-engine, multirole combat aircraft capable of all-weather operations, configured with a delta wing and canard design, with fly-by-wire flight controls. The J-10 is mainly designed for air-to-air combat, but can also perform strike missions.
J-10C is the upgraded version of J-10B, it is equipped with an indigenous Active electronically scanned array (AESA) fire-control radar and is equipped with imaging infrared seeker (IIR) PL-10, WS-10B engine[59] and new dual pulse rocket motor PL-15 air-to-air missile (AAM).

Watch the officially launched video of J10C by  Pakistan Airforce today:
Know more about J10C aircraft and its design features by clicking here.

Photo: PAF Fighters | References | 1 | 2 | 3 |
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