Saturday, June 29, 2019

Kimberley Clark and Pakistan

Pakistan is a unique tourist attraction in the world. Ask anyone in the world, "Do you want to travel to Pakistan?" and many would have their fingers crossed to answer yes. But those who come to Pakistan, instantly fall in love with Pakistan, its people, its landscape and above all the warm hospitality they receive wherever they go, that they don't want to leave Pakistan. ANd even when they are back in their homes, their heart stays back in Pakistan.

Out last post "10 things that will make you fall in love with Pakistan" was also from one such traveler, Drew Binsky, who came to Pakistan ad had so much fun loitering around in the streets, eating in small road side eateries and travelling all around without any fear and made friends while never wanting to leave Pakistan.

Same was true for the recently outgone German ambassador to Pakistan, Martin Kobler, who too was often seen riding a bicycle or driving an old volkswagen and mixing with ordinary people, the real people of Pakistan. I would write a separate post on him shortly.

But today, we are with Kimberley Clark who too "Came (to Pakistan), Saw and Fell in Love" with Pakistan.  When she disclosed her plan to visiting Pakistan, everyone was skeptical and asked her if she really wanted to go to Pakistan for Pakistan has always been projected negatively in the world media. And Kimberley Clark would reply, "That is why I am going there to find out."
And when she came here, went around and met people, she was amazed to know how fascinating this country has been. She was overawed and deeply inspired by Pakistan's culture, rich heritage, historical and naturally gifted place and treasures. She watched the colours, majestic landscapes and smiles on its people and their unmatched hospitality wherever she went, weather in cities, villages, secluded places in the mountains. She met hospitable people with open hearts offering her free housing, food and even many gifts of the area.
She even dared to cross the Hussaini Wala Suspension Bridge, near Hunza, considered to be one of the most dangerous suspension bridge as can be seen in the photo below:

Watch the video below Kimberley Clark had made and listen to her sharing her experiences of love and eternal friendship - certainly one of the most genuinely comprehensive and illustrated Tours Promotion documentary on Pakistan:
She is gone back, but the nostalgia will always occupy a special portion of her memories for there is not country like Pakistan, there are no people like Pakistanis who leave a lifelong loving impression whosoever comes here and spends some time among its indigenous people. Thank you Miss Clark, your appreciation,insights and thoughtfulness about Pakistan and of gesture of your goodwill shall be always be remembered.

Whe are you coming to Pakistan?

Photos: All photos are screen shots from the video shared above 
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