Thursday, June 6, 2019

10 things that will make you fall in love with Pakistan

Pakistan is an awesome travel destination for foreigners. Anyone who discloses to one's associates, friends or family that he is planning to embark upon a journey to Pakistan. the instant reply is "Don't ever think of going to Pakistan." The reason for such notion is very simple: The world media has over the past many years has portrayed Pakistan is a country where people carry guns and kill foreigners on sight or foreigners are abducted and bla bla bla.

But the amazing thing about Pakistan is that those who finally decide to come to Pakistan and spend sometime here do not want to go back for its landscape, its people and their hospitality are simply mesmerising. Sighting a foreigner, people of Pakistan are overwhelmed and in many cases, shopkeepers or taxi drivers refuse to take money in return of services rendered. In most cases, all food is free and so are most rides. And when you start eating Pakistani food, you will simply love it right in the first instant, though chilies will make you grab a glass of water immediately. As for sweets, Jemima Goldsmith once tweeted: I miss jalebis and gulab jaman of Pakistan.

Today, I am going to share experience on such traveler who came to Pakistan and fell in love with it. Drew Binsky is one such traveler who is otherwise famous for his travel blogs and videos with captivating details about the country he visits. He like all other travelers came to Pakistan scared, nervous and intimidated by what he had heard on the media but when he left he left with the biggest smile on his face, knowing that this might be the most special country in the world.

In Pakistan, Binsky intermingled with people from every segment of the society, from rich to poor, walked in bazaars and streets, rode in rickshaws and ate street food and enjoyed many traditional dishes and cuisines, while enjoying the hospitality of people of Pakistan.

Summing up his stay in Pakistan, he feels a bit nostalgic: "My time in Pakistan has sadly come to an end, and words cannot describe how incredible the last 2 weeks of my life have been." 

I wont describe how he felt, just watch his video below and see how a perception of a person scared to enter Pakistan changes when one is received with warm open arms and willing hearts of a country that is known as Pakistan!!
Binsky leaves a message for all those who shirk to make plans to visit Pakistan: "I hope you enjoyed watching my content here, and if any of you have had your perspectives changed about Pakistan (even a little bit), please share because I’d love to hear your feedback!" You may got to the video at YouTube and share your views to reach Binsky or even share your view in my comment box below.

Tell me when you are visiting Pakistan?
Photo [Click of Qazi/Facebook]
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