Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Pakistan: Your Travel Destination in 2019 - Part I (Crossing Borders on Foot)

Pakistan is one of the gifted countries of the world which takes you from the beeches of the Arabian Sea in the south to the snow clad towering mountains in the north through deserts and lush green plains. Each place has a charm of its own with different people of varying culture and language - but equally hospitable and extremely friendly, always extending a hand to let you feel at home.

There is much to see and eat in Pakistan. From the roadside vendors and eateries that sell indigenous, spicy and mouth watering locals delicacies to starred hotels where one can eat the same dishes in cozy air conditioned environment served by waiters clad in starched uniforms and wearing that friendly smile one comes across everywhere in Pakistan. But the joy of eating amid the indigenous people in the roadside eateries has its own charm which cannot be described in words but to be felt personally. And one can never forget children in streets running to greet a forefinger and insisting a snap with them.

Pakistan can be reached through international airlines that connect cities of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Quetta or else one can enter by road from either India, Iran, Afghanistan or even China. Each land route entry has its own charm for these let you enter Pakistan and giving you a opportunity to straightaway get into touch with locals of different provinces of Pakistan shaking hands with traditional warmth and welcome.

We have started this series of posts to share experiences of foreign tourists who are amazed to find a Pakistan much different to one's perception. In fact the media around the world which once projected Pakistan as a Taliban country with people skirting by with guns in their hands, has now started to realize that Pakistan is far different from what has once been projected.

In fact those who come to Pakistan go back with very pleasant memories that they cherish for a long time besides sharing these with their friends which compels them to include Pakistan as their top travel destinations in their travel plans.

In this post, we are sharing experiences of Karl Rock who crossed over to Pakistan from India through the famous Wagha Border at the outskirts of Lahore. And here devours on beef haleem, one of the delicious dishes of Pakistan. Watch the video below and be amused by his experiences and MAJOR FALLS!!
I hope you enjoyed this beginner - stay tuned for many more such surprising experiences from tourists around the world.
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