Saturday, January 9, 2016

Here come the solo passenger drones for you

The dreaded word drones have plagued the world for long as the military drones armed with missiles have been targeting terrorists but often killing the wrong ones and killing civilians, children and women instead.

But here comes another dimension to these machines: Now you can fly a drone all by yourself and go up to heights of 11,000 feet - a height that an ordinary cessna plane can go to.

When this happens and these passenger drones are available in the market, life will be much more busy and easy at the same time. Busy for the reason that almost everyone loves to fly but due to heavy cost of an airplane, one is kept at bay. But these low cost drone will let those with a little extra to afford one and make their lives enjoyable and easy - and fun loving too.

Watch the video below I came across on Facebook and see how these drones would revolutionise the fun of flying and life:

Passenger Drones and High-Tech Gizmos
Passenger drones, aromatic alarm clocks, throwable panoramic cameras and other gizmos from the Consumer Electronics Show.
Posted by AJ+ on Friday, January 8, 2016

Can you beat this simple technology? Are you already thinking of buying and flying one?

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