Sunday, January 3, 2016

Top Ten Smallest Countries of the World

When we were kids, one of the most asked question was: Which is the smallest country of the world? And the answer was unanimous: Vatican City. Well, Vatican City continues to be the smallest country of the world with an area of just.44 square kilometres, perched in the Italian capital city of Rome.

Leaving aside Vatican City, which is a symbolic sovereign country, you will amazed to find nine other beautiful countries that despite being very small  in mass are considered most thriving economies of the world and favourite tourist destinations.

The video below is a run down of these top ten smallest countries of the world and one is amazed to see the sate of their development and economy, which makes some of these as the preferred tourist destinations of many.

Watch the video below:

10 Smallest Countries In The World
10 Smallest Countries In The World
Posted by Wonderful Engineering on Sunday, November 22, 2015

Which country fascinated you? Have you ever visited one of these? Well I skirted Liechtenstein in October 2014 on my way to Lichtensteig, near Zurich Switzerland. I wish I had time to have passed through it.

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