Thursday, January 28, 2016

A public service and safety precaution message

Using mobile phone while driving has become a norm than exception. Many a young people and old alike are seen fiddling with their cell phone keypads while driving despite cautions and heavy fines if caught. This dangerous habit has resulted in many serious and fatal accidents and still continue all over the world.

While one may save oneself from an accident, but it may become fatal for the others. 

I came across a similar near fatality case while watching this public service and safety message and thought of sharing with my viewers to take a lesson from it.

The case shown in the video is if due to carelessness of the other or even if your own, you happen to hit a powerline pole and the electric wires fall on your vehicle, you have to be very careful while abandoning the vehicle for any laxity on your part can be very fatal as it can energise the electric field and cause severe electric shock.

Watch this video below and share with others as a public safety and service measure. This may save someone's life if encountered a similar incident - or may be yours!!

Please watch carefully and remember in case of emergency
Posted by MrKuwait on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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