Saturday, February 6, 2016

The early signs of Spring

The announcement by the met department that there would be no rains in February this year in and around Islamabad, the sun has started to get warmer with daytime temperatures rising to 20 degrees celsius.
Gazania - the African Daisy blooming

This unusual and early warmth has brought good tidings to the flower lovers as the flowers have started to surface from the spring plantation undertaken in the month of November.

While walking around our spring plantations, I could see colourful pansy, gazania flowers surfacing with roses showing their spring excitement too.

While generally the beds remain without flowers, some plants are striving to feel the warmth in the sun, though it is still February cold. 
Here is a daffodills giving flowers and hopefully soon the entire bed will blossom.

I will soon write a full post on our spring plantation, hopefully in March someday, to show the entire lot of plants and seedlings blooming in their multicoloured showcase.

Photo Attribution: All photos have been taken me
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