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The bleeding wounds of Peshawar school massacre

While I am writing this post, it was about time a year ago on 16 December 2014 when mothers were bidding farewell to their school going children all over Pakistan including Peshawar - oblivious of the bitter reality that was to take place a few hours from thence. 

And the bitter and heart lamenting tragedy occurred around 11 AM in the Army run Army Public School Peshawar, where nine terrorists barged into the school and killed almost 144 students at point blank ranges - most were killed instantly, while a few succumbed to their wounds when they were later evacuated to hospitals. 
Pakistan Army units responded with great speed and arrived at the school and bravely encountered the terrorists killing three while six blew themselves up wearing the suicide jackets - but by then the damage had been done. The school's auditorium was already bathed in blood of countless children whose lifeless bodies were lying all over. Innocent children of varying ages were gone forever in perhaps the most horrific and bloodiest terrorist attack by the subjects of a Taliban terrorists group.

Despite the bloody carnage, there were tales of bravery, selflessness and courage. The school principal chose to stay right inside the school and confronted the terrorists face to face and died while protecting her children. 

Faces of Courage and bravery
Beenis - Tahira Qazi (school principal) - Sofia - Mrs Tariq

Many teachers died while shielding their students while many children fell over the fellow students in order to save them and facing the bullets and perishing. Tahira Qazi - the APS principal (above second from left) who refused to leave the school till last of her students were evacuated. She rescued two children. When the troops arrived they told her to leave - but she refused, saying I will go with the last child. Hours after the attack, Tahira’s body was found in the bushes outside the school. She had a bullet wound to the front of her head, and an explosion may have tossed her into the bushes.

Beenish (left above) was shot while administering first aid to the wounded. Sofia (second from right above) was in the auditorium when the carnage started - but she stayed and pulling many injured and sending them to safety when she was spotted by terrorists and shot. Mrs Tariq (right), even having left the hall returned to look for survivors, was brutally torched by the terrorists as they were infuriated by her efforts to save her students.  Teacher Abu Bakar was shot three times when he threw himself in front of four students fleeing the gunmen. Three of them survived.
Uzair Ali (above) of eight class saw the attackers and leapt to shield his friends by lying on top of them. He was killed; shot 13 times, but he managed to save his companions. Fourteen-year-old Fahad Hussain opened a door so his friends could run out. He stayed by the door making sure everyone was evacuated. He was gunned down while doing so.
Khaula perished on her very first day in school - taking away her dreams to heavens

Then there was six-year-old Khaula who had happily gone to the school for the first day - probably aspiring to be a doctor or engineer. But all her dreams died with her as she was sprayed with bullets mercilessly.
Waleed - received eight bullets and survived

Most of the victims received bullets on their heads or jaws fired from point blank ranges. While many succumbed to the massacre, there were few who were lucky to be evacuated in time. Waleed (above) is one such survivor who received eight bullets on his mouth and body - and luckily survived. He has recovered and goes back to the same school - instead of running away and hiding in some foreign lands.

There were and are many tales of sorrow and sadness besides bravery and dedication, love for comrades and students. I remember having read an account of a 8th class student who said: I will go to my class ALONE as all my classmates have been martyred.

Watch the following video with eye witnesses account of the tragedy and victims (Beware of GRAPHIC CONTENT):

Peshawar School Massacre
Peshawar School Massacre !!!
Posted by Zayer Hassan Films on Monday, December 7, 2015

The merciless Taliban leader Fazlullah later claimed the responsibility and boastfully announced their achievement of killing the children of the army men - the same army that is hurting their nefarious designs and not allowing them to carry out their heinous agenda of spreading terror in the country.

Of all the countries in the world lamenting of terrorism, Pakistan is the worst hit. The number of people perished is to the tune of 60,000 plus while a large number of officers and men of Pakistan Army have laid down their lives fighting the terrorists. It is a shame for all those countries who are supporting the terrorists by providing them money and weapons to keep the world at war. The UN and all world forums have failed to address the issue while the funding to terrorists continues who are playing with world peace and lives of innocent people and children like that of APS Peshawar, Palestine and Syria.

While Pakistan continues to show the resolve to stand up and face the terrorists and its army continues to wipe out their safe havens, the bleeding wounds of Peshawar tragedy will take years and generations to heal.

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