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Pakistan Cultural Night - Kiel, Germany

Like many European countries, Germany too is an attractive destination for Pakistan young boys and girls to seek higher education. Rather I would say Germany is the most popular and attractive country from the rest and attracts a majority of students from Pakistan opting for overseas studies. On 7 December 2013, a first ever Pakistani Students conference was held in Kiel, Germany to get together all Pakistani students from every nook and corner of Germany. The conference was a big success and a sizeable local German community, teachers and students from other countries attended too, besides Pakistan's ambassador to Germany of the time.

This year, a Pakistan Cultural Night was organized by the Pakistani students organization in Kiel on 27 November 2015 that drew a healthy participation from most of the Pakistan students and German friends including University Head Professors and International office representatives. In the absence of the Pakistani ambassador to Germany, a senior representative form the Pakistan mission in Berlin represented Pakistan in his official capacity. The Kiel students took upon themselves to arrange and conduct the show and put up a wonderful show as can be seen in the pictorial coverage of the event below.

 Decorating the arena with Pakistan specific posters and themes

While talking of Pakistan's history and the details of independence, while all Pakistan leaders like Jinnah, Iqbal, Liaquat Ali Khan and others were referred to, the German guest took keen interest in Iqbal, the national poet of Pakistan, his philosophy, poetry and his contribution in the Pakistan movement mainly because of his association with Germany. It may be added that Iqbal obtained Doctor of Philosophy degree from the Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich in 1908. During Iqbal's stay in Heidelberg, Germany in 1907 his German teacher Emma Wegenast taught him about Goethe's Faust, Heine and Nietzsche. During his study in Europe, Iqbal began to write poetry in Persian. He prioritised it because he believed he had found an easy way to express his thoughts. He would write continuously in Persian throughout his life.

My son Wahaab jalal Bhatti smiles in his favourite black shalwar kameez dress

Most of the Pakistani students and girls were clad in traditional Pakistani dresses with Pakistani flag proudly displayed on their chests showing their love for their country and motherland no matter wherever they may  be. 

After the speeches by students and guests a musical evening was arranged in which artists played traditional Pakistani instruments like sitar and tabla besides other musical instruments.

The event was conducted by Hadia Zulqarnain, an ex anchor person at PTV

On the beat of tabla and drums, the students and guests joined hands and danced on the melodious Pakistani tunes and music.

On the sidelines of the cultural night, a very attractive event was going on: Henna Tattoo for 2 Euros. We all know that tattooing is very much liked by the younger generation not in the European countries , bu the world over. But tattooing costs lot of money, it is painful - though the tattooing itself is permanent. But going by the price of 2 Euros, the henna tattooing was not only cheap, but had attractive designs of oriental art.

As can be seen, both genders flocked at the henna tattooing stall and showed lot of enthusiasm in this unique art and had the tattooing done on their arms.

 This young man could not resist the henna tattooing and was all smiles

Prominent among others is Uncle Anis (above far right), a Pakistani businessman who is in Kiel for over two decades now and has been a linchpin of the Pakistani community and a great helping hands for the Pakistan community - specially the students. His grocery store is the focal point of all Pakistanis in Kiel, where besides buying Pakistani condiments, pulses and other kitchen related items, students get a chance to discuss their problems and Uncle Anis is always there to listen to them and tries his best to solve their problems. I wonder what the Pakistani community would do if Uncle Anis decides to bid farewell to Germany and falls back to his hometown Wah in Pakistan.

The musical evening was followed by a delicious and mouth watering dinner consisting of Pakistani cuisines - all prepared by students themselves. The food included chicken karahi, naan and sooji ka halwa. And the best part was that the dinner was served free, for it was contributed by Pakistani students - unlike functions of other countries where guests are charged too for the dinner and expenditure on administrative arrangements. 

 Two Irani students enjoying Pakistani cuisines
 All Pakistani families in Kiel were also invited besides selected German guests

Guests enjoying Pakistani cuisines: Left to Right: Prof.Dispert - Prof.Manzke - Prof.Lussem
Representative of Pakistan Embassy in Germany with Uncle Anis and other Pakistani students - my son Wahaab Jalal Bhatti stands on extreme right

While the Pakistani student community is doing its utmost to present the good name of Pakistan, the onus also lies on the Pakistani mission in Germany to assist the students in their efforts and activities. The financial assistance this time was just peanuts - better it was not given. However, this does not deter the Pakistani students to keep getting together and calling their Pakistani colleagues from all over Germany to attend the cultural shows and conferences to bolster unity and strength.

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