Friday, April 6, 2012

It took Batman 52 years to put his foot down on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Adam West made headlines in 1960s when he played the character of Batman and took the much liked children's fantasy man from the comic books to the TV screen.

Burt Ward (Robin) - Batman - Adm West {Photos: ABC - Getty Images]
But it took him almost 52 years to finally have his 'foot down' on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on 5 April 2012. Adam, 83, was overjoyed as he was given the 2,468th star on the famous attraction, sitting in front of the Guinness World Records Museum.

Appropriately enough he has one of his own, as his 156 individual screen appearances as Batman are the most appearances as the character by any actor. He is now arguably the most famous of all the pantheon of superheroes.

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