Friday, April 6, 2012

Beware of Hippos when on Safari Tours

Safari tours, specially in the wilds of Africa are always fascinating and memorable. Tourists and nature lovers from all over the world visit the African countries to be closer to nature and watch the wild animals from very close quarters in their natural habitat.

Hippos are generally seen as lazy bulk of flesh lying in the muddy waters or chewing grass caring least for the Safari lovers passing by. But not always !!

Watch the video below, I came across on YouTube, where a full grown hippo is seen charging on the vehicle of Safari tourists.

The tourists who were watching and filming this hippo are seen completely taken off guard. With the size of the animal and the momentum of his thrust, the vehicle the tourists were travelling could have been overturned and result into fatalities. However, the tourist filming the hippo was not unhurt, neither the vehicle, who says:
The hippo pierced a hole in the side of the truck and almost taking a chunk out of my leg!!
So next time you are on Safari in Africa, beware of these giant size animals - they can be ferocious and deadly.

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