Friday, April 6, 2012

Google Glass: It is all 'in front of you'

Where is technology taking us - what was fiction till a few years back is now turning into reality. From flying cars to reality glasses. It seems that a day would come when the office work will also be automatically done be a memory chip installed on our desktops, connected through a chip installed in our brains. The chip will automatically connect our thought process to the computer chip and take decisions based on market trends collected by computer chip, assisted by our mindset thoughts.....

Google: Project Glass
Whaever I said may be one day reality. But for now, let us talk about the reality glasses that are making headlines around the world. These futuristic glasses being developed by Google are to revolutionize our 'seeing' abilities manifold. I came across these glasses through a promotional video on YouTube and was really impressed.

Imagine you are a tourist, visiting a foreign country of which you know very little about. Instead of getting lost in finding your way out, if you have these glasses, your tour is just going to be more fun than a chaos. And what is more, you can talk to your wife or  a friend while walking through the busiest of alleys without holding your cellular phone in your hand, with the hazard of its slipping out of your hand or even mugged away in the rush hours.

Here some of the screen shots of the promotional video [you may have to scroll down a little bit more to see the video itself]:

The options that would be displayed in front of you through transparent glass - just like the HUD (Head-Up Display) in the fighter pilot's cockpit that comes in front of the cockpit front glass screen
Going to the subway? But the service is suspended, you are told by your glass - so what to do?
Here is a map that flashes in front of you to take a walk to your destination - and you will be continuously guided for directions and distance remaining.

Like something - take a shot from your glass - simple!!

Google is still experimenting with these glasses through their own workers and asking passerby for comments by allowing them to wear these and see a different world altogether. Before I say any more, see the video below and see for yourself how much this tiny device has in store for you:

Amazing!! Isn't it? Well it may take time to get adjusted to the idea - many may find it making life too complicated. But may be one day this become a reality for everyone to wear and get benefited from its many facets. Specially for tourists this may be something very useful.

Time will tell - and we wait...


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