Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Fire Within: Aman ki (bh)asha

"Recently, there have been efforts by a leading Pakistani and Indian newspaper to pursue peace between the two countries with the slogan “Aman ki Asha” – meaning in pursuit of peace (just like the title of the famous film “in pursuit of happiness”). The intellectuals on both sides meet regularly, visit each other’s country and speak of love and reconciliation. And the cause being a noble one is sailing comfortably, although between a very tiny fraction of the population of both countries. So far so good for Aman ki Asha.

But what about the vast majority of the two countries and the BHASHA (language) they use on internet or at any other forum where common people meet? I am usually saddened to read comments, specially on the youtube, where patriots from both sides resort to a bizarre and very vulgar and offensive bhasha in scoring a point over the other. I wanted to translate some exchange of words, but I felt ashamed of even doing that and putting these here." Read on ... The Fire Within: Aman ki (bh)asha


Anonymous said...

aman ke asha - the truth