Sunday, July 25, 2010

A day that was waited for 15 years

Pakistan Is passing through rough times these days. Open a newspaper or switch n a TV channel news, there are news of war on (t)error, target killings in Karachi, life loss due to excessive monsoons. No news is there to rejoice.

But then Pakistan cricket team provided a window of hope and rejoice. The win over the Australians in the second test at Leeds, England was a great day for Pakistan. A team that was feared all over the world, crumbled to Pakistan’s bowlers in both innings and then the Pakistani batsmen brought the victory more closer in its second innings. Imrans’s 67 and Azhar’s 51 were the match winners. Although, at one time with seven down, Pakistan’s victory was overcast, but it was Gul who scored the winning run to bring home a much awaited victory.

The test was also a unique day for Umpire Rudi Koertzen, who was umpiring his 108th and last test before retiring. Rudi was given a befitting guard of honor by the players as he walked on to the field.

The victory against Australia after 15 years is a a good omen both for Pakistan cricket and the new incumbent captain Salman Butt. Salman Butt should be the happiest person to win his very first test as captain and that too against Australia. So it is best of luck to the Pakistan’s cricket team and we hope they demonstrate the same team spirit as they showed recently.

Photo courtesy: AP