Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mandh Waii: The Sindhi Philosophical Song by The Sketches

The folk music of Pakistan is rich in text and is mostly based on philosophy. Coke Studio in Pakistan has taken upon itself to promote the folk heritage and folk music of all regional languages of Pakistan. 

Awhile ago I shared 'Jugni' as sung by the Lohars of Punjab- the late folk singer Alam Lohar and his son Arif Lohar who is carrying on the tradition of promoting the folk music of Punjab.

Today, I am sharing a beautifully written poetry written by the famous and legendary sufi poet of Sind Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, written somewhere in the 18th century AD. The video below titled 'Mandh Waii' based on Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai's poetry is so captivatingly sung by The Sketches at the Coke Studio

I being from Punjab, could not completely understand the lyrics, but was lucky to find the lyrics, both in Sindhi text and Roman English, along with its English translation at FaceBook, that made me understand this beautifully written, composed and sung song by The Sketches.

Play the video below and then follow the translation given below to understand the philosophy of the sufi poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai:

Lyrics (Sindhi/Roman English) and Translation:
وو الا
wo Ala
oh God!

مَنڌُ پئندي مون
mandho peeande moon
drinking the wine of gnosis
ساڄَنُ سهي سُڃاتو
saajano sahi suneaato
I perceived the Beloved
پِي پِيالو عِشقَ جو
pi piyaalo ishqa jo
imbibing the doctrines of Love by drinking from Love’s cup
سڀڪِي سمجھيو سُون
sabhki samjhyo soon
I fathomed entirety

ساڄَنُ سهي سُڃاتو
saajano sahi suneaato
the Beloved I perceived

تون حبيبُ
toon habeebo
You are the Friend
تون طبيبُ
toon tabeebo
You are the Physician
تون ئي دَردَ جي دَوا
toon ei darda ji dawa
only You are the remedy for pain
جانِبَ منهنجي جِيءَ ۾ آزَرَ جا اَنوا
janiba muhinje jeea men aazara ja anwa
Dearest! in my being are thousands of afflictions
صاحبَ ڏي شِفا ميان مريضنِ کي
sahiba he shifa meeyaan mareezane khe
O Lord, pray heal the sick and afflicted

اللہ "عَبۡدُاللَّطِيفُ" چئي
allaaha abdul llateefo chae
O God! “Abd ul-Latif” says
ڀٽ جو گھوٽُ لَّطِيفُ چئي
bhi jo ghoo llateefo chae
Latif, the darling bridegroom of Bhit Shah, says
تُون ئي آهين تُون
toon ei aaheen toon
there is none but You
ساڄَنُ سهي سُڃاتو
saajano sahi suneaato
the Beloved I perceived

جي لَّطِيف
ji lateef
O good Latif
او لَّطِيف
o lateef
O Latif
ڇَلَّ سنڌڙي وسئي لَّطِيف
challa sindhai wasae llateef
may the land of Sindh remain prosperous, Latif

ڀلو میان اللہ
bhalo miyaan allaaha
Good Master Allah

Video Courtesy: Coke Studio
Lyrics/Translation Courtesy: FaceBook