Monday, December 14, 2009



I first met them in Lahore Defence, beautifully placed on the road coming from the Cavalry and meeting the road leading to Lahore Defence and Walton. The light and shade made them look very impressive.

I found them again in front of Military Hospital (MH) Rawalpindi. They stood frozen in the ornamental lights near their hooves – making them look like ghosts. I could not resist taking a shot (and this composition of mine was selected on Explore) and posted it to my Flickr account (Jalalspages). 

Such monuments while add to the beauty of the cities, speak volumes of those with aesthetics who make them. 

And let me add, if we are impressed with these statues, do we ever ponder over the beautiful nature laid out for us so beautifully by the Nature? We need to explore nature more by going out, seeing and appreciating the One who created all this – only for us


Shirazi said...

Lovely. And these are the things that make our cities livable.