Sunday, December 13, 2009

Myths about Full Moon

Finally the Full Moon 
Full moon is always fascinating. Its rising is majestic. Slowly and gradually the brightness of the disc intensifies and when it is at its peak, it shines like millions of bulbs lit together. On October the 26th, 2006, I myself witnessed ( and shot ) a much brighter moon than the normal (pictured above) due to its closeness to the earth. The moon was 14 per cent wider and 30 per cent brighter than lesser full moons we see otherwise throughout the year. 

While we enjoy a full moon, its brightness making us see the countryside more beautiful and romantic, its rays falling on the snow capped mountain peaks create an aura and stuns the onlookers, there are many a people who choose not to stare at the full moon as there are many myths and legends related to the full moon. So I decided to look for those myths and legends and am listing some herein under for the information only (as these have been never proven or any scientific relationship established by the scientists despite centuries of research and studies).

1) One of the myth relates to the women. It says a woman must be very careful who she invites to dinner if she had baked a cake when the Moon is full. It seems that some believe that the person who eats the first piece other than members of one’s own family will become her husband.
2) In some parts of the world, it is unlucky to point at the Moon. Misfortune will follow.
3) Sleeping under the light of a full Moon will make a woman pregnant. Some say she will give birth to a monster.
4) Never sleep exposed to the rays of the Moon because lunacy will follow.
5) Two full Moons in the same month will cause severe weather in the following month.
6) It is said that wild life behavior is linked to full moon. Scientists are trying to figure out this link. Does full moon cause erratic behavior in human beings? These and other cases are being discussed.
7) And then beware when the moon is full. People will party. Dogs will bite. Robbers will steal. Murderers will kill.
8) Witches are said to ride during the Full Moon.
9) It is said that if a young girl holds a silk hankie at the face of the full moon, desiring to know when she will be married, the number of moons appearing, will indicate the number of years she shall wait.
10) Good news for people who marry during the Full Moon, they will have good luck and good fortune.
11) And finally a word of caution!! Don’t try to commit a robbery on the third day of the full moon. You will fail.


Asghar Javed said...

Have you heard about the historic robbery today in Karachi!