Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Blessing and Joy of Eating Together

A few days back before Ramadan started, I went out to buy something and when I reached the market and the shop I intended to buy things from, it was already lunch time and the shop was half closed.  Upon seeing me, the shopkeeper and his staff who had gathered around their lunch invited me over. Though I tried to politely decline the offer, the shopkeeper insisted and told me that they always invited anyone visiting them during lunchtime, as it added blessing to them.

So I was unable to refuse and joined them, they were four and including me it made us five. In the meantime three more joined us and we had a wonderful lunch and I ate to my full as the food of small hotels around business centres is always very delicious. After the lunch, the shopkeeper told me that they always get food for four of them, but it is sufficient for another four guests. He added, “It is Allah’s blessing that He makes it possible for a food of four to be eaten by a few more.” 

I was stunned by what he said and really wondered the truth behind it. I remember days when people ate together and there blessings. It also added love among people for being together. And there are also occasions when we find people pouring tons of food in their plates in one go and throwing away the most of it as they simply cannot consume all. This eating together was a great experience for me and I promised to invite others whenever I had a chance to add Allah’s blessing into what He has given to me. Shouldn’t all of us try it sometime?