Sunday, August 22, 2010

3D Express Coach - The Bus Bridge

Today, while surfing the net, I came across this innovative invention and I though I must share since it may one day come to our rescue when using the congested roads at the peak rush hours.

3D Express Coach - The Bus Bridge  The public transport is the path taken to decongest the city traffic and reduce pollution, but can not always rely on roads and lanes. Thus, paradoxically, may become a hindrance than a benefit.

From China comes a very interesting idea but in its apparent absurdity: the buses will travel directly above traffic, at a height that allows them to sit a few feet above the cars below. A sort of bridge structure that is not afraid of traffic jams and queues.

Metros take time to build, are bound by the tram tracks, bus lanes and have to deal with pollution. But the Chinese promise a solution: that a BRT Bus Rapid Transit that exploits the considerable height of the steps local road (4.5-5.5m) just slipping into the gap between that limit and that of the car!

Promise a reduction of 25-30% of traffic speed 40km/he 1200 people at full load. The construction is fast: 1 year to 40 km, compared with 3 metros, would not fear of parking or traffic jams as cars pass under it as a bridge. Passengers would go up and down stairs with the electricity supply would.