Monday, August 23, 2010

I wish it were not Sunday today

The world of advertisement is extremely flashy, attractive and appealing – yet more often than not very deceiving and misleading. In fact it is the very lucrative advertisement that makes a product sell, no matter how good or bad that product may be. Rather I would say the more flashy an advertisement, the more chances of disappointment when the product is bought without much market research.

Take for instance the race of taking over one another by the detergent manufactures. The TV channels are flooded with the competitive advertisements from every detergent maker – trying to outscore the other. And believe me if you really get a hard stain on your shirt, and you try out all the detergents one after the other, none would be able to wash it away as promised in their ads.

Then there are soap makers who show the scenes of before and after usages. Hands with creeping germs and invisible bacteria suddenly coming out clean. Is there really means to check out their claims? And then there are mineral water ads, which claim the cleanest and the purest drinking water. A recent survey in one of the newspapers claimed that most of the mineral waters available in the market are far below the recommended standards.

These days, there is an advertisement of a famous brand of the ice cream. The ad really impressed me and I asked my children to make me feel that it was Sunday. and when the ice cream, the balls looked inviting exactly as advertised, but the taste and the falvour were far below the standards of even from the other brands of the same ice cream maker. And I for one really prayed that it weren’t Sunday on that day.

So beware of what you see in the ads – these could be disgustingly misleading, deceiving and deceptive. Before trying out any new product, ask friends if they had tried and what is there assessment and feedback. Lest you also repent and wish that it weren’t Sunday.