Sunday, March 17, 2019

Naeem Rashid: A Hero who Dared the Christchurch Terrorist

The choice of living lies with men: some choose to live a life of disgrace and rot for the rest of their lives either in prisons or living a life of being repelled and discarded by the community. This is the life the terrorist who killed dozens of peaceful worshipers right inside the mosques in Christchurch a few days ago.

But there are few people who live for others and so not care about their own self, their safety or even their lives. These are the people who are called heroes and live an eternal life in the hearts of people whether they knew him personally r otherwise. And Naeem Rashid was one such person who dared the Christchurch terrorist right in front of him while the terrorist was spraying bullets without mercy. Perhaps he knew that he was daring the terrorist and was most certainly to succumb to it, but in trying times, heroes rise above self and all they care is saving others.

On Friday, 15th March, Naeem Rashid was at the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch with his 21-year-old son, Talha Naeem, for Friday prayers. The day was just a normal day when Muslims around the world gather together to offer the obligatory Friday noon prayer in an congregation. But he and others never knew that many would not be going back home, but to Jannah right from the home of Allah. It as then the brute terrorist rushed in and started spraying bullets on everything that was human. Naeem's son Talha, a civil engineering graduate, embraced shahadat (martyrdom) right in front of the eyes of his father. Naeem reacted promptly and instead of running towards his son, ran towards the terrorist to stop him in his evil endeavour hoping to stop him and save love of the others. He can be seen in a screen shot of the video which the terrorist was making from his helmet mounted camera right in front of him:
But was seriously injured. After the assailant had gone out to hit other worshipers in a nearby mosque, Naeem was rushed to hospitals but lost his life to his wounds that were inflicted from a very close range.

A peace loving docile, humble and friendly Naeem Rashid hailed from Abbottabad, Pakistan and moved to New Zealand and was working as a teacher. It was his death of a hero that has taken him from Pakistan to New Zealand.

Naeem had been married and had three sons. On this fateful day, the other two sons were not accompanying their father and brother Talha. The mortal wounds left on the family, his widow and two sons would perhaps take a very long time to heal. But perhaps they would always cherish the memories of Naeem who died the life of a hero protecting others with least effort to save them.

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