Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Goodbye Switzerland

It has been a while that I last wrote about my Schengen Travelogue and could not continue writing about the rest of the countries and places I visited during my memorable travel a few years ago. In my last post, I wrote about the Zürich Film Festival which was our last destination in Switzerland before saying good bye to my childhood dream country and travel to Italy.

After two days in Switzerland, though we should have stayed a month there and I wished I could had it not been for the exams of my son studying in Germany to whom we had gone visiting, we left our motel in Lichtensteig, a small town some 57 kilometers due east of Zürich early morning and set our course to Italy - our next destination.
We got up early morning with a bright sunshine, falling on the contours of lush green hilly landscape, and packed up all set to leave, though really not wanting to. Before we moved out of the motel, I drank the last cup of hot fuming Swiss coffee while sitting in the motel balcony feeling the cool scented breeze and thanking the Allah Almighty for having afforded me to come and visit Switzerland - a heaven on earth indeed.

 My wife and boys posing  just outside our motel

 Filling up for Italy

 Spectacular view of Lake Zürich
 Lake Zürich behind, we preserving our presence for forever
 Don't hit the cows !!
The family selfie before we moved on to find the spectacular view of the Uri Lake to our right. I wish we had time to go down and had the ride in the steamer which we could spot from the above.

Uri Lake with its ocean blue and green hues was a spectacular scene watching it almost from the above. We could sail boats, motor boats wading through its blue waters while big steamers also sailed bye us and we could see tourists enjoying their sail - something of a life time remembrance. 

The photo below with sun rays peeing between the two mountain crest simply spellbound me. The photo did not come out as it was there right in front of me but is imprinted on my memory - something that can be described in words.

Skirting the mountain peaks obscured by clouds, we finally started to descend on our way to Italy. Those who have traveled by road from Switzerland to Italy would know a stark difference between the landscape of both countries. While Swiss landscape was lush green, captivating and refreshing, the plains leading to Italy were devoid of vegetation and landscape to enjoy. From then on to Milan, our next three-days stop in Italy was straight drive - looking front only.
 We entered Milan or Milano as they call in Italian with refreshing memories of Switzerland and looked forward to Italian hospitality, music and dances. 

But passing through Switzerland was not over yet - upon return from Italy, we again passed through Switzerland and Austria, though briefly on our way back to Germany. I will write about Italy in my coming few posts and going back -so don't go away !!

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