Friday, July 13, 2012

Travel Pakistan: Incredible Kumrat Valley and Jahaz Dand [Lake]

The spectacular landscape of Pakistan cannot be explained in words or a few sentences, as there is so much to be seen and then cherish its nostalgia that words fall short in describing the scenic beauty and its stunning awesomeness.

Kumrat Valley, Upper Dir, Pakistan
I have earlier on shared may beautiful places of Pakistan, specially those located in its northern areas, most of which remain virgin even as of today due to their inaccessibility and lack of knowledge of their existence. remember my post on the Virgin Lakes of Pakistan, that encompasses photos and videos of some of the gorgeously looking lakes of the world.

One such daring adventurer, professional photographer, avid traveler and tracker is my friend Asif Saeed, who despite being just in his 20s has been to areas hitherto fore unknown and unexplored. My earlier post on the Virgin Lands of Pakistan was also based on Asif's adventurism.

Today, I am going to share yet another tourist haven and travel destination that lies obscured for most of the travelers and tourists visiting Pakistan or even the local tourists exploring the yet unexplored Pakistan. But there are some who dare to reach these places and share their experiences and photos / videos of the areas to show us the virgin beauty of Pakistan.

Kumrat Entrance
The dirt track from Sheringal leading to the entrance of the Kumrat Valley
Kumrat Valley in the Upper Dir of the Khyber Pakhtunkwa province of Pakistan is a beautiful valley surrounding by stunning mountain peaks and the gushing black and green water of the Kumrat River. 

Kumrat Valley
Panjkora River flows through the picturesque Kumrat Valley 
Kumrat Valley, an elongated depression, is located some 50 kilometers up north from the Upper Dir town Sheringal. Sheringal is located north east of the Dir town, connected with a metaled road through Chutiatan. From sheringal to Kurmat Valley a dirty track leads further north west almost along the Panjkora River.


It takes a five hours journey from Dir, through Shirgal to reach the Kumrat Valley. The valley is located at a height of 8,100 feet above sea level and is part of Dir-Kohistan valley. The valley is famous for its tall pine forests and its mountain peaks are a treat for the mountaineering, trekking and rock climbing.

Kumrat Falls

While inside the valley, one comes across many gushing water mountain springs, the musical sound of which add to the scenic beauty of the area, breaking the stillness of this calm and serene valley.

Himalayan Snow Cock [left] - Monal Pheasant [right]

The valley abounds in wildlife and one can find Markhors and leopards on the mountain slops besides many kinds of birds like the Himalayan Snow Cock and the Monal Pheasant.

Jandrai Village

Jandrai is a small village of the Kurmat Valley. Located at a trekking distance of almost five hours from the Jandari village is Jahaz Banda or the village of Jahaz, Banda in local language means village. The trek to the Jahaz Banda meadows passes through this small village.

Weapons of Least Destruction

There is a small musuem at the village which hoses some rare artifacts and old weapons that once belonged to the ancestors of the present owner of this small  museum . Watch a video of the museum and running commentary by the owner at the end of the post.

Guest House @ jahaz banda
Jahaz Banda meadows, located at an altitude of 3,100 metres
The meadows of Jahaz Banda located at an altitude of 3,100 metres are lush green surrounded by towering snow clad mountains.

Jahaz Banda
The snow clad mountains of Jahaz Banda
And surrounded by these majestic mountains, lies the spectacularly beautiful Jahaz Dand or the Jahaz Lake, 'Dand' in local language means a lake.

Jahaz Dand Lake

This virgin lake, almost obscured and generally unknown lies amid the mountains with all its stunning beauty, crystal clear water and awesomeness.

Jahaz Dand

Jahaz Dand is also known as 'Katora Lake.' Katora in local language means a open mouthed drinking cup, but larger than ordinary cup, made of aluminium or brass. Since Jahaz Dand looks like a 'katora' surrounded by mountains, it is also called Katora Lake.

Katora lake
The crystal clear sea green water of Jahaz Dand or the Katora Lake
Enroute to the Jahaz Dand, there is yet another stunning small lake, called Chota Dand - 'Chota' means small.

Chota Dand

Like Jahaz Dand, the water of Chota Dand is equally fresh, crystal clear and extremely reflective of its surroundings.

Colors in Water

The crystal clear water of Chota Dand is no lesser scenic than the Jahaz Dand with its highly reflective surface. While trekking towards Jahaz Dand, the icy water of Chota Dand have a relaxing effect on the trekkers and take their tiredness away.

Water Gate of Jahaz Dand
The Water Gate of Jahaz Dand
As I mentioned before, there is a small personal museum at the Jandrai village - watch a video of the museum and narration that tells us about the people, ancestors and the prized possessions kept at this small museum.

I do not know how many would make it to Jahaz Dand, but this post will certainly leave  a lasting impression on the trekkers and nature lovers forever. But before I end, let me leave another video of the Kumrat Valley - watch the river flowing past wooden houses with traditional architecture, surrounded by snow clad mountains.

Dream well!!

Me in Kumrat
Asif Saeed at the entrance of Kumrat Valley

All photos are courtesy Asif Saeed (Flickr)
Videos courtesy YouTube: | 


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