Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Spectacular Eiffel Tower by night

In my previous post on the Paris night boat ride, we had embarked upon our boat ride while the Eiffel Tower's lights were just being started to put on. But when we reached back, I could see the Eiffel Tower in its full bloom of lights as can be seen in the following shot that I took from the boat.

And then when we disembarked, it was all fun to watch the lights glittering through the entire height of the tower with flocks of tourists standing and enjoying their last glimpse of the day of this mighty tower. For me it was the last glimpse as we had other plans for the remaining days left in Paris.

Scroll down for more photos and two video clips of the illuminated Eiffel Tower:

Screen shot from the video I made of the illuminations on the Eiffel

And then it was time to go and we had to bid farewell to Eiffel Tower for good - but may not be forever as anyone who comes to Paris once, falls in love with it and always come back. And the following photos was the last of the Eiffel Tower which I shot.

Interestingly, it was almost the same place where I had my maiden shot of the Eiffel Tower early in the morning as can be seen below:

I also made two videos of the illumination of the Eiffel Tower. The following clip was made from the boat when nearing the Eiffel Tower:

So, it is goodbye Eiffel Tower for now - who knows when we meet again!!

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