Sunday, May 7, 2017

Are you lonesome tonight?

'Are you lonesome tonight?' - this was Elvis Presley’s famous hit song released in 1975 – when I was just 20 years old, a year after leaving my teen barriers. But at that time, I did not really understand the meaning of being lonesome. But now I have started to.

Many people consider them lonely when they find no one around and often lament to be all alone – and many dread to be in this state at any stage of their lives. This is specially true for people who are aging and their children are moving away to settle in their lives. I too am not far from this stage of become lonesome.

But is this the very worst thing one contemplates? Well not really, as there can be a worst scenario still!!

The worst scenario of feeling loneliness is the one when despite being surrounded by people; you get a feeling that you are still alone. Or the people around you make you feel that you are all alone despite their presence around you. In fact this scenario is killing – you want to talk to them, but you are ignored, not once, not twice, but repeatedly.

As you age, you will experience this phenomenon more severely, painfully and lamentably – are you prepared for this? 

You may now listen to the song, specially if it is a dark night with raining and clouds thundering and lightening flashing - and you are feeling lonesome:

Photo: Pixabay | Video: Musicislifee01
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