Friday, April 22, 2016

World Earth Day Today

It is World Earth Day today, a day that is celebrated on 22 April every year to address issues and create awareness among people to save the earth from choking and destruction.

The world was a peaceful place till the menace of polythene bags surfaced and started chocking earth. Despite world wide efforts, nothing could be done about choking of earth and destruction of forests to make space for expanding cities and roads and highways. The vanishing forests have changed the world temperatures altogether and the weather has seen a great drift to hotter temperatures and dust filled high winds.

No one knows for sure where we are headed. Despite the awareness, the global warming due to deforestation and use of chemicals that damage the earth atmosphere and thus the Ozone layer continues. It is a pity that nations where research is being carried out to save earth are the major culprits themselves for creating chemicals and allowing uncontrollable emissions that is destroying our earth. Scientists fear that the rising world temperatures may result ion faster depletion and melting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.

The polythene bags cannot be destroyed naturally and thus are making layers over layers on the surface of earth, thus not allowing earth to breath and let it destroy in the process. We often see picnic places littered with such bags that are blown away to near water sources and pollute the water beside layering on earth.

We need to understand the menace we are freeing every day into atmosphere and on earth by littering to save earth. Countries devoid of trees and forests are at greater risk of hotter climate in days to come. Rise and join millions around the world in saving earth by participating in local save the earth programmes and impressing upon others how to save earth - it is for the future of our generations. 

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