Saturday, April 9, 2016

Talented sharp shooter blows up tip of cigarette held in mouth of friend with AK-47 without telescope in Pakistan

Recently there has been much popularity of the film American Sniper who has been taking on targets with extreme accuracy, ensuring a kill every time. He was using a state of art rifle with telescope meant for the snipers.

But this news will certainly surprise you - a raw 'sniper' or should we say a sharp shooter seems to have outnumbered an professional sniper with his AK-47 Russian built automatic and te results he produced are simply nerve breaking as his target was a cigarette held in the mouth of his friend or an apple placed on his head.

I came about this great feat of sharp shooting capability of a man in the tribal areas of Pakistan, published in the Daily Mail.

This raw sniper is seen shooting the end off his friend's cigarette using an AK-47 with jaw dropping accuracy as can be seen in the video below. Taking his position a few hundred yards away, among a mountain range in Pakistan, the shooter fires and blows off the tip of the cigarette, with his friend breaking into applause at his prowess, as can be seen in the photo above.

And as if that was not all to show his extreme firing skills. In the video, he is also seen ripping apart an apple placed on the head of his daredevil friend, who volunteered for this deadly game, just to show proof of excellent firing skills of his friend.

Now see the video below and am sure you will appreciate the volunteer more than the shooter - as his jaw or head could have been blown apart had there been any minute distraction by this raw sniper. Both have done a commendable feat of accuracy and courage:

Read full story at Daily Mail
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