Saturday, May 7, 2016

Interior of lone surviving German U Boat 995 Type VII of WW-II

U-Boats were hellish small submarines of the WW-II which caused panic in the Allied navies during the WW-II. We no longer use the word U-Boat for the submarines of today, but the lone surviving U-Boat of WW-II of German Navy still stands majestically on the shores of Baltic Sea on the German seaport of Laboe, near the Laboe Naval Memorial, reminding us the days of its glorious past.
In October 2014, I went to Laboe, while visiting my son studying in the nearby city of Kiel, and was awe stricken to see a vessel that was once much dreaded and feared. Although I had a chance to go around it as can be seen in the photo above/below, but could not go inside as it was already five in the evening and the boat visiting hours was closed.
Day before yesterday, my sons visited Laboe on a bright sunny day and strolled on the sands along the seashore and finally to the U-Boat. I was watching them moving to the boat, thanks to the 4G and social media networks that allow us to view each other live everyday. And I requested them to take a few snaps from the inside of the U Boat to complete my earlier post: Laboe, Germany – home to the lone surviving U-Boat 995 Type VII

Now, herein under are the exclusive photos of the inside of the U Boat. The photos show the good order in the boat is kept as if ready to sail with its deadly torpedoes. One of the most difficult thing in Germany is that there are no English translations and it is only by using the online German-English translators of one's smartphone one can understand the displayed information. I have tried to translate the display boards for my readers who do not understand German (like me).

A close up of some mechanical parts

 Machine room: The two E - engines fed by batteries with 375 hp brought the submerged boat to max 7.6 kn

The only usable toilet on board ; to use in submerged condition only up to 25 m water depth (Translation of the above notice board)
 The radio room
 A selfie with numerous gadgets of the boat in the background
 Once deadly torpedoes that scared the Allied navies now resting in eternal peace

 Front torpedo room (could not translate the rest as being blurred)
Crew living and sleeping space bow compartment, so says the board above

I tried to translate the remaining - but since I did not have the German alphabet keyboard, the translation was a bit jerky and I tried to correct it to the best of my English: "Could 27 or more men live, eat and sleep here ? Yes ! The torpedoes were withdrawn daily to be serviced. On and beneath the floor plates were six reserve torpedoes - on them survived the submariners.

A much needed rest after the visit

So this is it - my earlier post stands completed today. But hopefully once day when I visit Germany to meet my sons, I will try to go to Laboe once more and 'in time' to see the interior of this historic vessel myself. 

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Imran520 said...

I watched these all in Germany last month.

Anonymous said...

very informative blog,it would definitely increase my knowledge of variouse historical incidents during world War II.