Sunday, December 6, 2015

Beware of rising Sea Levels - Know what you Don't

We have been listening of global warming since long but most of us are oblivious of its consequences. Unknown to us, the ice on the polar caps is melting silently and big glaciers are detaching from the large ice caps and melting away in the seas. These large ice mountains slowly melt away in the seas far away from us - but with a devastation that is creeping slowly to us: The rising sea levels.

Global sea level has already risen 8 inches and with the melting glaciers, the rise is increasing every moment. The global warming due to our sheer negligence and negligence of the super big powers, who are doing peanut efforts to control the heat emission which is increasing the global warming, making sun rays more hotter and piercing - causing the polar ice to melt at a much faster rate than in previous hundred years.

If we do not assume our part in arresting the increasing global warming, we may see our seas overflowing their banks and water submerging all coastal cities of the world. If Greenland's ice sheet melts completely, the sea level around the world to rise to 23 feet - imagine the disaster in the offing.

Watch the eerie video below and know what you don't know about the rising sea levels and what havouc these would cause in the days to come:

'Many Of Our Major Cities Will be Submerged': Climate-Change T...
"I don't think most citizens in the world have really grasped what is happening -- and what these risks are."
Posted by HuffPost Australia on Sunday, November 29, 2015
You have been warned!!

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