Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Paris Disneyland - the Spectacular Fireworks and Sound & Music Show

Finally the evening was in sight and all tourists and visitors were asked to leave for an d reach Le Château de la BELLE au Bois Dormant - "Sleeping Beauty's Castle" - the venue for the spectacular Firework and Sound & Music show that was to rob us of our awe and leave lasting memories of it for the years to come.

We too joined the crowd and started moving towards the Le Château de la BELLE au Bois Dormant - "Sleeping Beauty's Castle" which was visible from everywhere one was. While moving towards the venue, I could spot a commercial airliner leaving behind a trail of fumes just overhead the castle - and I froze the moment as can be seen in photos above and below.

 My wife (above) and son (below) settling down for the show

 The silhouette of my sone (above) as it started to get dark 

And then slowly and gradually light started to illuminate the Sleeping Beauty's castle and brought it to light from its sleeping silhouette. 

From here on, it was an awe inspiring show of lights and fireworks - something that was too amazing and spectacular. i wish I could explain it in words!!

The music was incredible - the many stories of all Disney characters following and the awesome firework illuminating the sky again and again. We were all spell bound!!

These sudden bursts of fire (as seen above) generated so much of heat that one could feel it even while standing almost 500 metres away from the castle. But in the cold evening, these provided much needed warmth and comfort.

Then by and by, the lights faded away and the fireworks stopped. The almost hour long show came to end end amidst claps and happy shouts of the the onlookers specially the children. The castle once again shrouded into darkness and we left the venue with life time memories of this incredible show - or should I say the greatest show on the earth (remember the movie?)

 My sons posing before saying goodbye to the Disneland

Everyone started to leave and so did we - but not before getting us photographed as the last souvenirs and reminders of our visit to Paris Disneyland.

Just before laving, my sons had the last photos with the huge Mickey Mouse statue as can be seen in the following photos:

But before I close and wrap up my Paris Disneyland chapter, watch herein under a video shot by me (also shared on YouTube) which is part of the hour long fire and sound show - something that is as fresh in my memory as it was when I was watching this spectacular show. Although the video cannot replicate the actual show when seen live, but one can imagine how would it look like when being there in Paris Disneyland. Watch the video now:

I am sure you must have enjoyed my posts on Paris Disneyland and if you haven't been to this wonderful amusement park, include it in your travel plans if visiting Paris next time.

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