Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Paris Disneyland - the rest of the day till the incredible night fireworks show

After watching the spectacular star parade with Mickey Mouse disappearing away, everyone dispersed to explore what remained of the Disneyland and so did we. However, from here on, me and my wife got separated from our sons as they wanted to explore the rides and the adventurous parts of the park, while we the couple settled for much easier part for my sciatica did not allow me to walk any further from the venue for the evening fireworks and sound & light show.



We also took two elderly-friendly rides: one of the elephant and the other in the cups. In the photos above and below my wife is seen enjoying the park from the elephant ride.

 The aprk as seen from the above while taking the elephant ride

My wife in the cup above - while I sitting close to her in the same cup 'shot' her

This was the part of the American landscape that we got a glimpse of while taking a leisurely stroll - my sons got a closer look while they were away.

My sons were more interested in rides that required youth stamina to bear the stress and were eagerly exploring their way towards the rides from where the cries of the riders out of fun and fear were audible from much farther distance.

 The Pirates of the Caribbean 


 A ride in the awesome roller coaster - something that amused my sons - my son in the third row from the front on extreme right

By the time my sons got back, it was already evening and all avenues were being closed and tourists and visitors were directed artfully to the venue of the fireworks and sound&light show. The venue was Le Ch√Ęteau de la Belle au Bois Dormant - "Sleeping Beauty's Castle".

We were rather late as the arena was already full, though mu wife was lucky to find a bench to sit as the waiting period was more than an hour. For me and my sons, the concrete pavement was our sit-on place.

As the evening fell and the darkness set-in, the fireworks and the sound&light commenced. While the day tour was memorable, but the last segment of the day was so incredible, absorbing and full of aesthetics that I would cherish its memories forever.

I will share its incredible coverage in my next posts along with a compiled video that I have also shared on YouTube.

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